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Lauren McDonagh-Pereira shooting a mirror selfie with a camera and flash.

Best Camera Flash for Sony: Top Models for Professional Photography

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.  In the world of photography, illuminating a subject correctly can dramatically enhance the quality of the image. That’s where camera flashes come into play, with their capability to provide the necessary light to capture well-exposed photographs, even in low-light conditions. Specifically, for Sony camera users, selecting […]

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AI fauxtography of a bass underwater in the winter.

Best Underwater Camera for Ice Fishing 2024: Top Models Reviewed

Ice fishing is an engaging activity requiring patience, skill, and the appropriate gear to secure a catch beneath the ice. Underwater cameras have become indispensable tools in this endeavor, providing real-time views of the aquatic environment. As of 2024, the market has seen significant advancements in technology, introducing underwater cameras specifically engineered for ice fishing.

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A baby girl plays with a mirrorless camera with a mounted on camera flash gun.

Best Off Camera Flash for Sony 2024: Top Models Reviewed

Photography is an art form that has continually evolved with technology, and one of the critical tools for a photographer are off-camera flash units. These devices provide additional lighting to a scene, offering greater control over the image’s exposure, contrast, shadows, and color temperature. When we speak specifically about Sony cameras, which are renowned for

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An AI-generated image of a woman working at a computer

Best Computer Monitors for Digital Artists in 2024

Computer monitors are essential tools for digital artists who rely on the accuracy of their screens to produce high-quality work. A good monitor can make all the difference in color accuracy, brightness, and overall image quality. In this article, we will be discussing the best computer monitors for digital artists. When it comes to choosing

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An adult titmouse stands on the snow covered ground next to the roots of a tree

9 Best Monopods for Wildlife Photography (2024)

Introduction Capturing the raw and untamed beauty of wildlife through the lens of a camera is an exhilarating experience that many photographers dream of. However, the challenge of wildlife photography is not just in finding and framing your subject but also in combating the elements that stand between you and the perfect shot. Camera shake

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A photograph of a phone on selfie mode propped up in the snow. There is an image on screen of a female photographer laying on the ground and taking a photo of the phone with a Nikon camera

15 Best Portfolio Websites for Photography in 2024

Introduction In the digital age, having a professional portfolio website is more than a luxury for photographers; it’s a necessity. This virtual space serves as the first point of contact between photographers and their potential clients, showcasing the best work and artistic vision of the creator. With the evolution of portfolio websites in 2024, the

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A Photography holding up a LED ring light.

Best Ring Light for Product Photography (2024) 

Introduction to Ring Lights in Product Photography The Evolution of Lighting in Digital Photography Photography has seen a fascinating evolution, especially with the introduction of digital technologies. The transition from analog mediums, which relied on chemically developed light-sensitive emulsions, to digital photography began in the late 1980s. This shift was marked by the introduction of

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A black and white selfie of a photographer shooting a Nikon Camera at a cell phone.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Popular Nikon Z Lenses

Introduction As a passionate photographer and tech enthusiast, I’ve been closely following the evolution of Nikon’s Z series lenses. Known for their exceptional clarity, robust build, and groundbreaking features, these lenses have quickly become favorites among professional and amateur photographers alike. From capturing the subtle nuances of a portrait to the vast expanses of a

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A Pinterest image for a blog post titled "Best IPAD for Photographers"

Best IPAD for Photographers: Pro Tablets for Photo Editing

Twitter Instagram Linkedin Pinterest Facebook Tiktok Youtube Ethereum Introduction Social media has created an expectation of immediate photo delivery and sharing. The need for a powerful tablet for photo editing tasks has never been more crucial. While desktop computers have long been the standard for photo editing, tablets have emerged as powerful, portable alternatives that

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A photograph of a summer sunrise over the dome of Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park.

Dreams of Yosemite – Camera Equipment

Introduction In this post, I cover the camera gear and photography equipment that I used to create the images in my Dreams of Yosemite NFT photography collection. My name is Lauren McDonagh-Pereira. I am a photographer, NFT artist, NFT collector, and web3 blogger. I have been shooting with Nikon DSLR and Mirrorless cameras since 2008. © Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography Disclaimer

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A banner featuring a landscape image from Yosemite National Park. Overlay text reads, "Nikon D5100 Review"

Nikon D5100 – A Retrospective Review

Introduction The Nikon D5100 was my do-it-all camera from 2012 until 2016.  It was a great balance between size and functionality for travel. With my D5100, I explored Iceland, Mexico, Honduras, Belize, Portugal, and Jamaica. The Nikon D5100 also served as my road trip workhorse and created images of the gorgeous National Parks of California, Nevada, Utah,

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