10 Tips for Choosing Your Country Photoshoot Outfit

A mother in a blue maxi dress poses in a field of sunflowers with her toddler son wearing overalls, and her infant daughter in a sunflower dress.

10 Tips for Choosing Your Country Photoshoot Outfit


So you’ve finally booked the country photo shoot you’ve been dreaming of, ever since you started following Claire Bowen on Instagram. Maybe you have even been planning this family photoshoot since you saw the cover of Taylor Swift’s Evermore album. All your waiting has finally paid off, you have booked a photographer, picked a location, and now you just need to find the best country photoshoot outfit ideas to create memorable and stylish photos. 

You are in luck! In this post, I will be covering everything from the best color scheme for a fall photoshoot to the right outfits for outdoor family sessions. Whether you need ideas for country engagement photo outfits, family photo outfit ideas, or different styles for your shoot with your best friend, you will find all the best tips here. 

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1. Embrace the Color Palette

The Power of Color

Colors play a pivotal role in photography, setting the mood and emphasizing the theme of your shoot. For country-themed photoshoots outdoors, choosing the right color palette is essential to ensure your photos are harmonious and visually appealing.

Seasonal Color Palettes

  • Spring: Opt for soft, pastel shades that echo the fresh bloom of nature. Light pinks, soft yellows, and baby blues complement the rejuvenating backdrop of spring.
  • Summer: Bright and bold colors work well with summer’s vibrant energy. Think vivid blues, greens, and yellows to reflect the sunny skies and lush landscapes.
  • Fall: Embrace the warmth of the season with rich, earthy tones. Rust orange, deep reds, and mustard yellows mirror the changing leaves and golden sunsets.
  • Winter: Neutral and cool tones like white, grey, and icy blues blend beautifully with winter’s snowy scenes and bare trees, creating a serene and calm aesthetic.

Complementary Colors

Utilize the color wheel to find complementary colors that enhance each other without clashing. For example, a deep green paired with a muted red can evoke the natural contrasts found in nature, especially in outdoor settings.

Solid Colors and Patterns

Solid colors are a safe bet for creating a cohesive look, especially in family or group photos. If incorporating patterns, ensure they are not overwhelming or clashing. Subtle patterns can add texture and interest without detracting from the subjects.

Final Tips

  • Consider the environment: Choose colors that complement the natural setting of your country photoshoot.
  • Outfit coordination: For group photos, coordinate outfits by selecting colors that work well together to create a unified look.
  • Accessorize wisely: Use accessories to introduce pops of color or to tie different outfits together harmoniously.

By carefully selecting your outfits according to the seasons and utilizing complementary colors, you can create stunning visuals that enhance the beauty of the outdoor country scenery and ensure your photos are timeless.

Two high school friends pose for senior portraits in a field. They both wear white shirts and blue jeans.
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2. Outfit Coordination for the Whole Family

Achieving a coordinated look for a country-themed photoshoot involves blending individual styles while maintaining a cohesive visual narrative. Here’s how:

  1. Choose a Color Scheme: Select a palette that reflects the rustic and natural vibes of the countryside. Consider earth tones, muted greens, soft blues, and warm oranges.

  2. Mix Shades and Textures: Incorporate various shades of your chosen colors and mix textures. Denim, cotton, and linen are great for adding depth.

  3. Solid Colors and Subtle Patterns: Solid colors work well for group photos, but you can also introduce subtle patterns (like plaid or floral) that don’t overwhelm the photograph.

  4. Personal Style: Allow each family member to express their personality within the color scheme. This ensures everyone feels comfortable and authentic.

  5. Layering for Visual Interest: Layering pieces like vests, scarves, or jackets can add complexity and interest to your outfits, especially in transitional seasons.

  6. Accessorize Thoughtfully: Hats, boots, and belts can tie individual looks together and enhance the country aesthetic.

  7. Plan Ahead: Lay out all the outfits together beforehand to ensure they complement each other without being overly matchy-matchy.

By following these guidelines, you’ll create a harmonious and visually appealing ensemble that captures the essence of your family and the beauty of the countryside.

A family poses under an autumn tree for a family portrait.
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3. Accessorize Wisely

Accessories are the finishing touches that can transform a good outfit into a great one, especially in country-themed photoshoots. Here’s how to choose wisely:

  1. Select Theme-Appropriate Pieces: Straw hats, cowboy boots, and wide-brimmed hats not only add authenticity but also serve as interesting focal points.

  2. Use Color: Accessories offer a chance to introduce a pop of color. Consider a brightly colored scarf or statement jewelry to bring life to neutral outfits.

  3. Balance Your Look: While accessories can elevate your outfit, ensure they don’t overwhelm. Choose pieces that complement rather than dominate.

  4. Consider Functionality: For outdoor shoots, practical accessories like sunglasses or a stylish yet functional jacket can add to the aesthetic while being useful.

  5. Incorporate Timeless Pieces: Choose accessories that offer a timeless charm, ensuring your photos remain classic and enduring.

By carefully selecting accessories, you can add depth, interest, and personality to your country photoshoot outfits, creating visually captivating and memorable images.

A blonde toddler girl in a straw hat pets a sheep.
© Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography

4. Seasonal Sensibility

For country photoshoots, aligning your outfit with the season not only ensures comfort but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your photos.

  • Spring: Embrace lighter fabrics and pastel colors that reflect the new blooms. Layering can accommodate the unpredictable weather.
  • Summer: Opt for light, breathable materials in bright or soft colors to stay cool and match the vibrant or subdued summer landscape.
  • Fall: Rich, warm colors in layers capture the essence of the season. Cozy sweaters and boots reflect the changing leaves.
  • Winter: Use layers to stay warm. Rich textures and deeper colors against snowy backgrounds create stunning contrasts.

Season-appropriate attire complements the natural backdrop, contributing to beautiful, timeless photographs.

An expecting couple wears light summer clothes for their country photoshoot.
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5. Seek Inspiration

Pinterest serves as an invaluable resource for crystallizing your photoshoot concept, offering a visual playground to explore and refine your aesthetic. It enables the collection of inspiring images that align with your envisioned theme, aiding in the communication of your unique narrative through chosen outfits and settings.

Curating Your Inspiration

Begin by establishing a board dedicated to your shoot, pinning anything that resonates with your intended vibe, from color schemes and outfit styles to thematic elements reflective of the countryside. This board becomes a reference point for every decision, ensuring a cohesive look that embodies your personal story and the essence of the country setting.

Detailed Planning with Pinterest

  • Aesthetic Exploration: Identify and save images that capture the mood and style you’re aiming for, noting what draws you to each pin.
  • Location Scouting: Consider pins that showcase potential settings, emphasizing the natural beauty and rustic charm of outdoor locales.
  • Outfit and Accessory Selection: Pin outfits and accessories that reflect the season, setting, and your personal style, ensuring they contribute to the story you wish to tell.
  • Props and Poses: Don’t overlook the power of props and the impact of poses. Pin examples that enhance the authenticity and emotion of your photos
An expectant mother poses in a field in front of a halo of light for a country photoshoot.
© Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography

6. Consult Your Photographer

​Consulting your photographer is a great way to start planning your outfit. Your photography has likely been to or even photographed people at your chosen location before. They probably already have a great idea of the best colors for outfit depending on the time of year, time of day, or what part of the venue you plan to take pictures near. 

Leveraging Professional Insight

A professional photographer brings a wealth of knowledge to your country photoshoot, guiding you in selecting outfits and colors that harmonize with the outdoor setting and lighting conditions.

Collaborative Planning

  • Expert Recommendations: Benefit from tailored advice on attire that complements the countryside aesthetics and natural light dynamics.
  • Visual Harmony: Gain insights into color schemes and textures that enhance the rustic backdrop, ensuring photographs look cohesive and balanced.
  • Adaptability: Receive tips on flexible outfit options that suit varying weather and landscape changes, crucial for outdoor shoots.

Engaging with your photographer early in the planning process ensures your vision aligns with the technical and artistic aspects of the shoot, resulting in images that are both beautiful and authentic.

A groom leans on a barn wall at his country wedding.
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7. Prioritize Comfort and Mobility

Embracing Comfort and Style

For country photoshoots, selecting outfits that offer both aesthetic appeal and practical comfort ensures you can move freely, capturing natural and engaging poses against the rustic backdrop.

Key Considerations

  • Fabric Choice: Opt for breathable, lightweight fabrics like cotton or linen for summer shoots, and soft, layered options for cooler weather, ensuring comfort throughout the session.
  • Fit and Flexibility: Choose outfits that fit well without restricting movement. Flowy dresses, elastic waistbands, and stretchable fabrics are ideal.
  • Footwear: Practicality is crucial. Consider stylish yet comfortable shoes suitable for uneven terrain, such as flat boots or cushioned sandals.
  • Layering: Layers can add visual interest and allow for quick adaptations to changing outdoor conditions. Think cardigans, vests, or scarves that are easy to put on or remove.

Examples for Inspiration

  • Summer: A light, airy sundress paired with comfortable sandals allows for movement and keeps you cool.
  • Fall: Cozy sweaters with stretchable jeans and boots combine warmth with mobility.
  • Accessories: Minimalist jewelry and flexible belts add style without discomfort.

Prioritizing outfits that blend comfort with the thematic elements of country photography ensures a smooth, enjoyable photoshoot experience, yielding images that look both effortless and professionally curated.

A toddler boy in a comfortable tshirt smirks as he leans against an old weathered fence.
© Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography

8. Consider Fabric and Texture

When it comes to photoshoots in the country, certain fabrics and textures jump to mind. Flowy cotton dresses, blue denim paired with a white shirt, a button-up plaid flannel shirt paired with a straw hat, or a white dress paired with a leather cowboy hat all jump to mind. 

Enhancing Photos with Fabric Choices

Fabrics and textures play a crucial role in adding visual depth and interest to your country photoshoots. Selecting the right materials can enhance the authenticity and aesthetic appeal of your images.

Texture Variety

  • Denim: Offers a classic, rugged look ideal for outdoor settings. Denim jeans or jackets contribute to a timeless, comfortable feel.
  • Knit: Cozy sweaters or knitted accessories introduce warmth and texture, perfect for cooler weather or adding a soft contrast to rustic backgrounds.
  • Linen and Cotton: Light and breathable, these fabrics work well for warmer seasons, giving a natural, airy feel to your photographs.

Incorporating Textures

Mix textures to create layers of interest in your images. A delicate lace dress against the backdrop of a wooden barn or a wool scarf paired with a crisp cotton shirt can add dimensionality.

Practical Tips

  • Choose fabrics that move well and react dynamically to natural light, enhancing the liveliness of your shots.
  • Consider the setting and season when selecting textures to ensure they complement the environment and theme of your photoshoot.

By thoughtfully selecting fabrics and incorporating various textures, you can significantly elevate the visual storytelling of your country photoshoots.

A black and white photograph of a toddler girl wearing a flouncy dress.
© Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography

9. Dress Rehearsal

Make sure, you and your photoshoot partners try on your outfits together before the big day! You do not want to find out at the last minute that you sons long sleeves fit more like an awkward 3/4 sleeve baseball shirt, or that the light blues of your fiancé’s plaid shift clashes horribly with the red accents in your dress. The perfect way to make sure your next family photo session goes smoothly, is by trying everything on and getting together while you still have time to make adjustments.

Why It’s Crucial:

Conducting a dress rehearsal before your country photoshoot ensures that your chosen outfits look and feel as expected. It’s an opportunity to assess the fit, movement, and photogenic qualities of each piece.

Key Steps:

  1. Try On Everything: Include accessories and shoes to get a full picture.
  2. Assess Fit and Comfort: Make sure outfits are comfortable and flattering from every angle.
  3. Check Movement: Ensure clothing allows for natural movement and poses.
  4. Photograph Test: Take a few test shots in similar lighting to see how fabrics and colors appear on camera.

By carefully preparing and testing your outfits, you’ll avoid any surprises and feel confident and ready for your photoshoot day.

An engage couple smiles as they lean in for a kiss over the head of their husky.
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10. Stay True to Your Personal Style

The most important tip is to stay true to yourself and have fun. It’s okay if you want to spice up your flannel shirt with black pants or your own edgy looks. Maybe you want to get silly and wear a huge wide-brimmed hat, because that’s what you rock all summer long. At the end of the day, the outfit you choose is a personal choice. These pictures are for you and future generations of your family to enjoy. When you get in front of the camera, remember to still be you!

Embrace Individuality:

Your country photoshoot is a reflection of you and your family’s personalities. Choose outfits that resonate with your personal style, ensuring that each person feels confident and comfortable.

Confidence is Key:

Wearing what you love and feel good in naturally enhances your confidence, which translates into more authentic and engaging photos.

Harmony with Authenticity:

While coordinating outfits for a cohesive look, maintain individuality by incorporating personal touches or favorite pieces that highlight each person’s unique style.

Letting your personal style shine through is crucial for creating memorable and genuine photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.

The kids rebel as a family of four tries to pose for a photo at a farm.
© Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography


Choosing the right outfits for a country photoshoot goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about feeling confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. As you prepare, allow yourself the freedom to experiment with styles, colors, and textures. Remember, these photos are a reflection of your unique story and personality.

Got a favorite outfit from your country photoshoot or a tip that made your experience special? Share it in the comments! Let’s create a community of inspiration and ideas, helping each other to make every photoshoot unforgettable.

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