Embracing AI Creativity: My Journey with ChatGPT

Embracing AI Creativity: My Journey with ChatGPT

Embracing AI Creativity: My Journey with ChatGPT

Introduction: The Allure of AI-Assisted Writing

Why would you want to use ChatGPT to write a novel? After all, it’s not human, and good novels are all about capturing the essence of humanity and what it means to live a life on this earth. How could a large language model ever compete with the great voices of human literature?

Reflections: The Evolution of ChatGPT

Personally, I doubt that ChatGPT can compete. But that is not my goal. My desire to write a novel with ChatGPT stems from pure curiosity.

The Broader Horizon: Technology Changing Paradigms

As I write this post, it is October 2, 2023. ChatGPT was initially released on November 30th, 2022. It has been out for less than a year, and already ChatGPT, and other LLMs (large language models) like it have begun to fundamentally change the way we think about work, creativity, and the very nature of humanity.

Personal Experiences: Merging Past with Present

I am personally fascinated by this fundamental shift in our society.

As a product of the late 80s, I have witnessed three fundamental technological shifts that dramatically changed our way of life; home internet access, the rise of social media networks, and the dawn of smartphones.

The impressive capabilities of generative AI feels like a fourth such shift. The way we approach work, whether it be creative or administrative will never be the same.

As a photographer and blogger, it is my personal and professional duty to explore each of these new tools as they come out, sharpen my skills, expand my mind, and prepare for what comes next. To do otherwise is to accept defeat and be left behind by the changing tides of history.


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