How to List a Tezos NFT

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How to List a Tezos NFT

A Step-by-step tutorial

Welcome to the fascinating world of Tezos NFTs, where the blend of art and technology creates a unique digital landscape for artists and collectors alike. As the Tezos ecosystem continues to evolve, it’s increasingly becoming the go-to choice for NFT creators and enthusiasts, notably for its comprehensive guide to the NFT marketplaces. This post aims to navigate you through the simplest way to list your first NFT on the leading Tezos NFT marketplace,, a platform that stands out in the blockchain network for its user-friendly approach and low transaction fees.

Tezos, known for its on-chain governance and smart contract platform, offers a cost-effective solution for minting and listing NFTs. As a native cryptocurrency of the Tezos blockchain, XTZ plays a crucial role in this process, making the creation of new collections and individual NFTs accessible to a wider audience. The Objkt marketplace, thriving within the Tezos ecosystem, is not just one of the largest NFT marketplaces but also a hub for innovation and unique features in the realm of digital art.

For those embarking on this journey for the first time, this guide will demystify the process, offering a step-by-step approach to minting and listing your own NFT project. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a newcomer, understanding the token standard and the nuances of NFT metadata is crucial. The Objkt platform, built on the Tezos blockchain, simplifies these aspects, ensuring that even first-time users find the process engaging and manageable.

As you delve into creating your first collection or your next token ID, it’s essential to understand the types of tokens you can create. Whether it’s a profile picture, a unique piece of digital art, or a custom collection, Tezos allows for a variety of expressions. The platform’s friendly approach to NFT token creation and its dedicated marketplaces for unique digital assets make it a preferred choice among NFT collectors and creators.

Tezos stands out in the crowded field of NFT platforms, not just for its low gas fees but also for its robust online community. From forums like Tezos Stack Exchange to Q&A communities like Stack Overflow, the support and resources available for both developers of the Tezos and everyday users are vast. The Objkt platform itself is an open-source platform, encouraging a collaborative and open approach to NFT creation and trade.

In this guide, we will also explore the technicalities involved, such as contract storage, token transfer, and the mint transaction process. Understanding these elements is crucial for successfully navigating the Tezos NFT community and making the most of your experience. We will cover everything from setting up your Tezos wallet address to understanding the importance of blockchain confirmation for each transaction.

Join me in this exciting journey as we uncover the intricacies of listing an NFT on, the next step in your adventure in the Tezos NFT community. Whether it’s your first transaction or you’re adding to an existing collection, this guide is designed to make the process as seamless and enjoyable as possible. Let’s dive into the fun part of the Tezos ecosystem and explore how to make your mark in the world of NFTs.

My name is Lauren McDonagh-Pereira.  I am a photographerNFT artistNFT collector, and web3 blogger. I have been fully immersed in the NFT art space since February 2022. And I have been part of the Tezos community since May 2022. I want to help newcomers to the NFT Community learn how to get started with minting and collecting art as non-fungible tokens. Keep reading to learn how to list your first Tezos NFT for sale on

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What is a tezos NFT?

Tezos NFT is a digital file that has been turned into a non-fungible token on the Tezos cryptocurrency blockchain. 

Tezos is a great choice for artists because the fees for creating NFTs and collections of NFTs are very low compared to other blockchains. To get started on, you only need to spend around five dollars. 

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Prerequisites for listing a tezos nft for sale on

To follow this tutorial you need:

  1. At least 5 Tezos – In the US, you can buy these through Coinbase.
  2. A Tezos wallet. I use the Temple wallet.  
  3. An account on
  4.  An NFT Collection on Read my tutorial to learn how to create a Tezos NFT collection. 
  5. An NFT minted on Read my tutorial to learn how to create a Tezos NFT. 

If you need help with any of these prerequisite steps, reach out to members of the Tez Tunas community on Discord or in our Twitter community.


  1. Navigate to the home page and sign in with your Tezos wallet.
    A screenshot of the homepage
    The Homepage
  2. Click on the little hamburger symbol in the top right corner of the page.
    A screen shot of the home page. A red arrow points to the main navigation drop down menu. Navigation Menu
  3. Choose the option that says “Profile”
  4. Navigate to the “Created” tab of your profile and select your newly minted NFT.
    A screen shot of showing an artist's created tab. Created Tab
  5. Navigate to the Actions Tab
    Screen shot of showing Actions
    NFT Actions
  6. Enter the number of editions that you want to list for sale at this time. This can be 1 edition, or all of the editions that you minted.
    A screen shot of the NFT actions page that shows were  you decide how many editions of a piece that you want to list for sale.
    Number of Editions to Mint
  7. Enter the price in Tezos that you want each individual NFT edition to sell for.
    Screenshot of actions tab showing how to set a price for your NFT
    Set a Price in Tezos
  8. Click “List” and approve the transaction when your Tezos wallet plug-in appears.
    Screenshot of actions page showing were you can finalize your NFT listing.
    List Your Piece for Sale

Congratulations! Your Tezos NFT is now for sale on!


If you have followed these steps, your Tezos NFT is now ready to be purchased by an NFT collector. 

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Leave a comment and let me know what NFT topics you would like me to cover next. 

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