Tezos: Empowering NFT Artists in the Web3 Era

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Tezos: Empowering NFT Artists in the Web3 Era

Hello, everyone! I’m Lauren McDonagh-Pereira, and I’m thrilled to be writing about Tezos today I wear many hats in the world of digital art and blockchain technology – I’m a photographer, an NFT artist, a Tezos collector, and a web3 blogger. But what really gets me excited is the incredible potential Tezos holds for NFT artists looking to make their mark in the web3 landscape.

Tezos: A Brief Overview

Tezos, proposed by Arthur and Kathleen Breitman in 2014, went live in 2018 and has been evolving ever since. What sets Tezos apart is its innovative approach to blockchain technology. It operates as a proof-of-stake blockchain with self-amending on-chain governance.

In 2018, Tezos made a groundbreaking move by adopting a proof-of-stake protocol, significantly reducing its environmental impact compared to Ethereum’s proof-of-work system. While Ethereum miners compete for transactions using energy-intensive hardware, Tezos validators, known as “bakers,” simply stake a minimum of 6,000 tez to perform transaction validation tasks. This approach drastically minimizes energy consumption and aligns with the #CleanNFTs movement that gained momentum in 2021 and 2022 within the Tezos art community.

Another standout feature of Tezos is its self-amending on-chain governance. Tezos bakers have the ability to propose, code, and vote on upgrades to the chain without necessitating a hard fork. This flexibility allows Tezos to adapt to the evolving needs of its community, making it a socially conscious and democratic blockchain.

The Tezos Art Community: A True Web3 Culture

Tezos has cultivated a vibrant and diverse art community that embodies the principles of cooperation, diversity, and social ideals. Independent artists who mint their work on Tezos often express a profound connection to this community, which sets it apart from other blockchain networks.

For artists, Tezos is more than just a platform for minting NFTs; it’s a dynamic and supportive ecosystem. Tezos fulfills the promise of web3 by giving artists true agency over their intellectual property – something other blockchains have yet to fully achieve. This ethos is ingrained in the Tezos art community, where cooperation is genuinely cherished.

Tezos Community Events: Fostering Connection and Creativity

Groups such as Tez Tunas, TezTown, Photez, and Womenverse actively organize Tezos Community Events, where artists come together to collaborate and support one another. During these events, a hosting group proposes themes, suggests edition sizes, sets minting timelines, and recommends price ranges.

What’s remarkable is that these events are not profit-driven; they exist to help emerging artists make connections, gain visibility, and celebrate the joy of creating art. The sense of camaraderie and community spirit within these events is unlike anything I’ve experienced elsewhere.

Low Gas Fees and Global Accessibility

One of Tezos’ standout advantages is its remarkably low gas fees, which foster a diverse community of artists. Setting up an account, creating a collection, and minting art on Tezos costs a fraction of what it would on Ethereum. This accessibility opens the door to artists from all walks of life, including students, individuals in economically challenging situations, and those from developing nations.

The low gas fees also encourage artistic experimentation. Tezos artists are free to take creative risks and explore new styles without the burden of high transaction costs. This freedom leads to a rich tapestry of artistic expression, including collage art, AI art, and poetry.

Tezos: A Beacon of Social Responsibility

Tezos’ commitment to social responsibility extends beyond the art community. When disasters struck Syria and Turkey in February 2023, the Tezos community didn’t just pay lip service – a non-profit organization quickly formed to provide aid by accepting Tezos donations. Artists contributed to the cause by minting art under the hashtag #TezQuakeAid, with profits going directly to the Tez Quake Aid wallet.

Tezos is also striving for decentralized global governance, raising funds to ensure that bakers from Africa have a voice in shaping the chain’s future. This commitment to inclusivity and social impact resonates deeply with Tezos artists and collectors alike.

Overcoming Challenges and the Road Ahead

Despite its many strengths, Tezos faces some challenges within the wider NFT community. Some view Tezos as a starting point for artists due to perceived lower prices. However, successful Tezos artists like jjjjjohn, zancan, and Lucrece have proven that high-end prices are attainable.

Addressing issues like liquidity and attracting more consumers to the Tezos ecosystem is crucial for sustained growth. Initiatives like talks, presentations, and enhanced onboarding solutions, including ETH and credit card payments on platforms like Objkt.com, aim to bridge this gap.

Conclusion: Tezos – A Home for Web3 Artists

In conclusion, Tezos offers a unique and empowering space for NFT artists in the web3 era. Its commitment to social responsibility, low gas fees, and a supportive community make it an ideal platform for artists from all backgrounds. As Tezos continues to evolve and expand its reach through partnerships and innovations, the future for Tezos artists looks bright.

Tezos is more than just a blockchain; it’s a thriving global community where artists can truly thrive, cooperate, and innovate. If you’re an artist seeking to embrace web3 ideals of democracy, equity, and personal empowerment, Tezos might just be the perfect canvas for your digital art journey.