Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – October 17, 2023: #Fear4TEZ Edition

Tezos Tuesday Community SHOWCASE

25 Spooky Pieces of NFT ART - Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Welcome to the #Fear4Tez of the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase on NFTARTWITHLAUREN.COM!

Each week, I reach out to the amazing Tezos artist community on Twitter to bring you the latest NFT pieces to highlight the diverse and wonderful art that has been minted on my favorite blockchain

The wonderful crew at TezTown are currently hosting the 3rd Annual Fear4Tez event. Artists are invited to mint their spooky art between October 13th and 31st to participate in the fun.

For help joining the event, check out my guide to Tezos Community Events


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A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase - October 17, 2023

I am really enjoying these collaborations between Navid Mirzaei and Forouzan. Navid’s paintings are beautiful, and Forouzan’s cute animated ghosts add such a pop of fun. 

This is such an intense drawing. The girl is looking in the mirror and seeing the pain that she feels, but is invisible to the rest of the world. 

A drawing of a girl looking in the mirror and seeing her pain.
"You're in Pain" by KrisTiUvarova (@KrisUvarova2018)

“Magic Candles” is a fun little stop motion animation that gets me in the spirit of the Spooky Season. 

The girl and the demon lock eyes in this animated digital illustration. 

“Ghostly Light” is macabre and delightfully creepy. 

A digital Halloween illustration of a Haunted house decorated with gargoyles and jackolanterns.
"Ghostly Light" by Narciss (@Narciss369)

I love the vintage vibes of this comic-style illustration. 

A retro comic drawing of a sexy cat lady and her cat bat.
"Catwoman" by Cherrryart (@cherrryart)

I am drawn to the sense of movement in this seasonal painting. 

"Scarlet Rose in the Wind" by YOBRST (@kotyarka)

A toast to the eternal power of witches. 

An abstract digital illustration of two witches.
"Eternals" by ChrisLand (@Chrisland1405)

This piece of digital art is mysterious and excellently creepy. 

A digital illustration of a skelton giant in space.
"Get Rich or Die Trying" by JessePraizArt (@JaycPraiz)

Halloween Park is a haunted wonderland of fun. 

I am entranced with the old time style of this digital Halloween illustration. 

"Halloween-amore" by saeideart (@saeideart_tez)

“Her Essence #0” is an impressive example of AI fauxtography. 

Generative photography of a red headed woman crying blood tears.
"Her Essence #0" by ⁂ЄVЄ⁂ (@EveAdamze)

This water and charcoal drawing captures so much emotion. 

A mixed water and charcoal drawining of a sad girl
"Women #87 (heavenly)" by M◎HAMMAD ROSTAMI (@MohammadRnft)

Vulcan is a master of creative AI pieces. 

Spooky AI art
"There’s Someone Inside" by Vulcan Studio (@vulcanstudionft)

This piece is unsettling and fit for a horror movie. 

"You Don't Save Me" by Röya (@Royagalleh)

The glowing eyes of the male figure are even scarier than the skeleton behind him. 

3D art of a human and a skeleton
"The Eternal Dance" by TΞMI (@Temi_511)

I love the obscured vision of this digital portrait. 

AI fauxtography of a black and white ghostly woman.
"105" by Azora Yang (@azorayang)

I am in love with this whole series by Perihan Demir. It’s both elegant and creepy. 

AI fauxtography of a woman with a goat's head.
"𝑳𝒖𝒄𝒊𝒇𝒆𝒓'𝒔 𝑳𝒆𝒈𝒂𝒄𝒚 23" by Perihan Demir (@cripycriture)

Perhaps there is a demon lurking within us all. 

A dark art ink drawing.
"The Other Side" by PARIAH (@whyparia)

This collage art gives off serial killer vibes. 

"Red Lines 64" by Lily Şahin (@tezosilius)
"Red Lines 64" by Lily Şahin (@tezosilius)

Scars is an intense piece of digital art, minted on the Tezos blockchain. 

A Tezos NFT depicting facial destruction.
"Scars" by Distorsm (@distorsm)

Sue has created a photography piece that beautifully explores the thin line between birth and death. 

A photograph of a woman underwater
"Born" by Sue (@Sueartens)

While not technically a #Fear4Tez piece, Silky Way Art’s AI image has a ghostly, otherworldly vibe to it that fits in nicely with this week’s curation. 

"Glimmers of Grace" by Silky Way Art (@IpekMorel)

Mrs. MacD’s digital art humorously captures the horror that sometimes happens when you are compelled to go to family reunions. 

Digital art depicting the horror of a family renuinon.
"Family Reunion" by Miss MacD (@CoinSeer)

Saji has created a compelling illustration depicting the Persian myth, Zahhak the Snake Shoulder. 

Check out the piece on Objkt.com to read the full story behind her art. 

"Tyranny" by SajiFallah (@SajiFall)

Thank you!

Thank you to all of the wonderful artists who participated in this week’s thread!

I appreciate the trust that you place in my to showcase your art, and I look forward to building the Tezos art ecosystem together.

Thank you dear reader for taking the time to explore this week’s Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase gallery on nftartwithlauren.com. 

I hope you found some new artists to follow on Twitter, and maybe even found some new gems to pick up from Objkt.com

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