The Boston DAO – February 2023 Meetup

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Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira is a photographer from Massachusetts, USA. She captures the beauty of the world around her, favoring Nikon cameras and lenses. She is drawn to shooting landscapes, wildlife, flowers, and people enjoying time together.

The Boston DAO – February 2023 Meetup

THe Boston DAO

The Boston DAO is a web3 community, founded in early 2022. 

The decentralized community exists to bring together thought leaders, investors, creatives, blockchain builders, and students interested in web3 from all around the greater Boston area. 

The Boston DAO runs a discussion group on Telegram, manages a Twitter profile, hosts monthly meetups sponsored by 186 Ventures, and hosts the web3 conference ETH Boston

In this article, I discuss my experience at The Boston DAO February 2023 meetup event held on February 27, 2023. 

A collage of images from the Boston DAO February 2023 meetup in Boston.


A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side
ⓒ Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography 2013

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The Boston DAO hosts monthly meetups for members of the local crypto community.

Each month, the Boston blockchain community is invited into the 186 Ventures offices and offered pizza, drinks, and a space to network with local web3 leaders. 

The meetups are free to attend for anyone who RSVPs. The events are announced on The Boston DAO Twitter account, and in The Boston DAO Telegram group. 

In April, The Boston DAO will be hosting ETH Boston at Boston University.

The Hosts

Pictured: Sophia Panarese

The events are graciously hosted by 186 Ventures (@186Ventures), a start-up venture capital firm that is committed to investing in emerging web3 companies and projects.

Sophie Panarese (@SophiePanarese) is the Operation Manager at 186 Ventures. She works tirelessly at each Boston DAO event to make sure everything runs smoothly.

If you have ever attended and enjoyed an event, you owe Sophie your gratitude. 


Pictured: Chris Lally and Constantine

Chris Lally (@Chrislallyand his wife, Ana Maharjan (@ana_maharhan), are the founders of the of (@Fide_ID). 

Fide is a service that provides companies and consumers with blockchain background checks. The company collects and stores data about the people who participate in the web3 ecosystem in an effort to flag the bad actors who create rug pull projects or run scams.

 Constantine is the web3 marketer behind Dawdling Dudes. Constantine works with an artist who creates physical paintings of the cute Dawdling Dudes characters. Constantine mints the pieces on the blockchain and is working on selling the physical art with a 1-of-1 NFT certificate of ownership. 

Pictured: Jessica Van Meir and Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Jessica Van Meir (@jessicavanmeir) is the cofounder of (@MintStarsReal).

Mintstars is a subscription service built on the Polygon blockchain for models and social media creators.  Mintstars aims to be an ethical alternative to similar web2 platforms by allowing creators to retain greater control of their content and earnings. 

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira (@lampphotography) is a photographer at Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography LLC and a web3 blogger at

Pictured: Ryan Hawkos

Ryan Hawkos (@RyanHawkos) works at Alphadab. 

Alphadab is a blockchain-based drag-and-drop software for building dApps without coding knowledge. 

Pictured: Constantine and Natalie Herrford

Natalie Herrford (@wunksnft) is behind Full Stackory

Full Stackory has a female-focused NFT project called Wunks, offers SaSS contract services, and works with nonprofit groups. 

Pictured: Tom Nosov and Greg Eusden

Tom Nosov (@tom22coins) works at Tokenomics DAO.

Tokenomics DAO is a company that designs web3 tokens and works to educate the public on the economy of web3 tokens. 

Greg Eusden (@_euzzz) is the founder of DeSpark (@desparkweb3).

DeSpark is a web3 user research platform. Web3 companies can survey and directly interview web3 users. Web3 users are compensated for their participation. 

Pictured: Phil McMannis (second from left)

Phil McMannis addressed the crowd to talk about the upcoming ETHBoston (@ETHBoston). 

Phil is a co-founder at Waev. Waev is working to create a consumer data service built on the blockchain. 

ETH Boston 2023 will be held at Boston University on April 29th and 30th 2023. The conference hopes to build a sense of community amongst the varies local industries working in web3. 

Flyers to join the ETHBoston Waitlist were scattered throughout the event. Attendees at the Boston DAO network event were encouraged to apply as speakers, volunteers, or sponsors. 

For more information about attending or participating in the conference visit

Pictured: Vince McPhillip and Phil McMannis

Vince McPhillip (left) is the founder of

Knomad is a freelance website that plans to be the next generation of platforms like Upwork. The platform will be a multiplayer, user-owned hub for freelance workers. 

Vince addressed the crowd to ask that everyone take a moment to complete a survey which would determine the date of the first ETH Boston governance meeting. 


Attendees paused to complete the survey and vote for the meeting date. 

Pictured: Guillaume Lambert and Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Guillaume Lambert (@guil_lambert) is the founder of Panoptic (@Panoptic_xyz). 

Panoptic is a perpetual, oracle-free options protocol.

I was delighted to learn that Guillaume is a fellow alumnus of McGill University. Our undergraduate studies even overlapped by one year. 

Pictured: Isabelle Vi and a friend

Isabelle Vi (@deadlyisabelleis Secretary of BU Blockchain. 

The BU Blockchain team is working to plan and host the upcoming ETH Boston event. 

What's Next?

The Boston DAO will host a governance meeting in March. The dates and details are yet to be announced. Keep an eye on their Twitter profile if you want to attend. 

ETH Boston will run at Boston University on April 29-30th, 2023. Join the waitlist, apply to speak, or sponsor the event by visiting

If you are in the Boston area, I hope you have been inspired by this post and will come out to the next event.

In case you missed it last month, you can read up on The Boston DAO – January 2023 Meetup here. 

Thank you for reading!

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Lauren McDonagh-Pereira is a photographer from Massachusetts, USA. She captures the beauty of the world around her, favoring Nikon cameras and lenses. She is drawn to shooting landscapes, wildlife, nature, and people authentically enjoying life.