Fx(hash) Expands: Artists Can Now Mint Ethereum NFTs Alongside Tezos

An abstract purple, blue and pink background banner. Overlay text reads, "FX(Hash) expands ETH and Tez: Multichain Minting"

Fx(hash) Expands: Artists Can Now Mint Ethereum NFTs Alongside Tezos


In the worlds of generative art and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), Fx(hash) has established itself as a leading platform on the Tezos blockchain. Known for its vibrant community of artists and collectors, Fx(hash) has become synonymous with creativity and innovation in the art blockchain space. 

Excitingly, Fx(hash) has recently announced its expansion into the Ethereum ecosystem, marking a significant milestone in its journey towards a multichain model. This expansion opens up new opportunities for artists to mint their NFTs on both Tezos and Ethereum, providing them with a broader audience and increased exposure.

Fx(hash), originally built on the Tezos blockchain, has been a driving force behind the growing popularity of generative art. The platform allows artists to create unique iterations of generative artwork, with limited editions that add an exclusive touch to each piece. Collectors eagerly anticipate the reveal of their acquired artwork, adding an element of surprise and uniqueness to the collecting experience.

The decision to expand Fx(hash) to the Ethereum blockchain is a strategic move that recognizes the immense potential and reach of the Ethereum ecosystem. Ethereum has long been recognized as a prominent blockchain for NFTs, hosting some of the most significant collections and attracting a large and diverse community of artists and collectors. 

By embracing Ethereum, Fx(hash) aims to bring together communities and showcase artworks side by side, regardless of the chain they were minted on.

This expansion represents a significant evolution for Fx(hash), as it moves towards a multichain model. The upcoming launch of Fx(hash) 2.0 will enable artists to seamlessly mint their NFTs on both Tezos and Ethereum, harnessing the unique advantages offered by each blockchain

This decision was driven by requests from Fx(hash)’s partners and the desire to provide artists with expanded opportunities beyond the Tezos ecosystem.

Fx(hash)’s vision is to elevate generative art by breaking down the barriers that exist between different chains, allowing artists to showcase their creations to a wider audience. By integrating Ethereum, Fx(hash) opens doors to greater visibility and exposure, as artists can tap into the vibrant and established market of Ethereum collectors.

The announcement of Fx(hash)’s expansion to Ethereum has generated excitement within the artist community. Artists now have the opportunity to extend their reach and engage with a larger collector base by minting their NFTs on both Tezos and Ethereum. This move enables artists to explore new markets, connect with diverse communities, and potentially increase the value and demand for their artwork.

An abstract purple, blue and pink background banner. Overlay text reads, "FX(Hash) expands ETH and Tez: Multichain Minting"
Fx(hash) allows minting on Tezos and ETH!


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Fx(hash) and Ethereum Integration

Overview of Fx(hash)'s Decision to Expand to Ethereum

Fx(hash)’s journey towards Ethereum integration represents a strategic decision that aligns with the platform’s vision of empowering artists and embracing the potential of different blockchain ecosystems. 

Originally built on the Tezos blockchain, Fx(hash) initially chose Tezos for its appealing proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, especially when compared to Ethereum’s proof-of-work system. However, with the upcoming launch of Fx(hash) 2.0, the platform is set to evolve into a multichain model, allowing artists to mint their NFTs on both Tezos and Ethereum.

The expansion to Ethereum signifies Fx(hash)’s recognition of the tremendous opportunities and advantages that Ethereum offers in the NFT space. Ethereum has established itself as a prominent blockchain for NFTs, attracting a large and diverse community of artists, collectors, and enthusiasts. By integrating Ethereum, Fxhash aims to tap into this vibrant ecosystem and provide artists with a gateway to a broader audience and increased visibility.

The launch of Fx(hash) 2.0 will serve as a catalyst for this expansion, enabling artists to seamlessly mint their NFTs on both Tezos and Ethereum. This significant milestone is driven by Fx(hash)’s commitment to meeting the demands of its partners and the artist community, as well as its desire to provide a versatile and inclusive platform for generative art.

Paul Schmidt (left), the COO of FX(hash) on Stage at Tezos NFT Summit 2023

The Benefits of Artists Minting on Both Tezos and Ethereum

Artists who choose to mint their NFTs on both Tezos and Ethereum can unlock a range of benefits that come from accessing multiple blockchains. 

One key advantage is the increased exposure and visibility that Ethereum offers. Ethereum’s established presence in the NFT market means that artists minting their creations on this blockchain have the opportunity to tap into a larger pool of collectors actively seeking unique and valuable artworks. By expanding their reach to Ethereum, artists can potentially attract more attention, gain new followers, and increase the demand for their NFTs.

Minting on multiple blockchains also allows artists to explore different audiences and markets. While Tezos has its own dedicated community, expanding to Ethereum introduces artists to a diverse and global audience that actively engages with NFTs. By presenting their artwork on both Tezos and Ethereum, artists can bridge the gap between different communities and reach collectors who may have previously been inaccessible. 

This cross-chain presence creates new opportunities for artists to build a strong and loyal following across multiple blockchain ecosystems.

Furthermore, minting on multiple blockchains provides artists with added flexibility and resilience. It allows them to adapt to changing market dynamics, shifting trends, and evolving blockchain landscapes. By diversifying their presence across Tezos and Ethereum, artists can mitigate the risks associated with relying solely on one blockchain. This versatility empowers artists to navigate the dynamic NFT market and seize opportunities as they arise.

The integration of Ethereum into Fx(hash)’s multichain model opens up a realm of possibilities for artists. By minting their NFTs on both Tezos and Ethereum, artists can leverage the unique advantages of each blockchain, gain wider exposure, tap into new audiences, and enhance their overall presence in the thriving NFT ecosystem.

© Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography

How Artists Can Mint on Fx(hash)

Creating Generative Art on Fx(hash)

Fx(hash) provides artists with a user-friendly platform to unleash their creativity and mint their generative artworks. The process begins by utilizing the unique features of the platform, including the ability to create limited edition mints for generative artwork. This feature adds an element of exclusivity and scarcity to the artworks, enhancing their desirability and value.

Generative art on Fx(hash) is a captivating process where artists can explore the possibilities of algorithmically generated visuals. Artists have the freedom to define the parameters and rules that govern the creation of their artwork, resulting in a diverse range of unique and visually stunning pieces. By harnessing the power of algorithms, artists can create captivating and ever-evolving artworks that capture the essence of their artistic vision.

Step-by-Step Guide on Minting on Both Tezos and Ethereum

  1. Choose Your Preferred Blockchain: When creating your artwork on Fx(hash), you have the option to select the blockchain on which you want to mint your NFT. Fx(hash) now offers both Tezos and Ethereum as choices, allowing artists to tap into the unique advantages of each blockchain.
  2. Configure Your Artwork: Define the parameters and rules that govern the generative art creation process. This includes setting the number of limited edition mints, specifying any unique characteristics, and establishing the visual aesthetics of your artwork.
  3. Prepare Your Artwork for Minting: Once you have configured your artwork, ensure that all the necessary files and metadata are ready for minting. This includes the visual representation of your artwork, descriptions, and any additional information you want to attach to your NFT.
  4. Initiate the Minting Process: Within the Fx(hash) platform, initiate the minting process by following the intuitive interface and prompts. Specify the desired blockchain for minting (Tezos or Ethereum) and provide the required information and files to complete the minting process.
  5. Verify and Confirm the Minting Transaction: Review the details of your minting transaction, including any associated fees and gas costs. Confirm the transaction and wait for it to be processed on the chosen blockchain.
  6. Successful Minting and Ownership: Once the minting process is complete, your generative artwork will be successfully minted as an NFT on the chosen blockchain. You will be the rightful owner of the NFT, with a unique token representing your artwork on the blockchain.

Through the Fx(hash) platform, artists can seamlessly mint their generative artworks on both Tezos and Ethereum, leveraging the benefits and opportunities offered by each blockchain. The platform’s user-friendly interface and streamlined minting process ensure that artists can focus on their creativity while easily navigating the world of NFTs.


The expansion of Fx(hash) to include the Ethereum blockchain marks an exciting milestone for artists in the world of NFTs. By embracing the multichain model, Fx(hash) has created an unprecedented opportunity for artists to leverage both Tezos and Ethereum, tapping into the unique advantages offered by each blockchain.

As we have explored in this article, artists can now benefit from increased exposure, visibility, and engagement by minting their artwork on both Tezos and Ethereum through Fx(hash). The decision to mint on multiple blockchains opens up new audiences and markets, allowing artists to reach a broader community of collectors and enthusiasts.

Fx(hash)’s commitment to providing a seamless and user-friendly experience empowers artists to navigate the process effortlessly. With Fx(hash) 2.0 on the horizon, artists can look forward to a streamlined minting process that supports both Tezos and Ethereum, making it easier than ever to expand their presence in the NFT space.

Explore the possibilities and benefits of minting on multiple blockchains using Fx(hash). By leveraging both Tezos and Ethereum, artists can maximize their reach, attract diverse collectors, and enhance the value and exposure of their artwork.

Take the leap, explore the potential, and discover the limitless possibilities of minting on both Tezos and Ethereum through Fx(hash). Unleash your creativity, connect with a global community, and make your mark in the world of generative art.


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