Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography Presents:

Introducing You to the Artists Behind the nft movement

Welcome to Artist Spotlights! Learn all about the artists who are creating cutting edge art and minting their artistic creations as NFTs on the Ethereum, Tezos, Solana, and Polygon blockchains. 

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MEET The Artists

Meet the artists who are creating, innovating, and building the NFT art community together, one Twitter space at a time. 

photo of a woman holding a camera, surrounded by sunflowers
Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Photographer ETH/TEZ

Lauren is an American photographer, capturing the moments of joy that make life worth living.

Portrait of Joanne Enders
Joanne Enders - itsltlthings

Photographer & Artist

Joanne has spent a lifetime learning artistry from photography, painting, pottery, sculpture, mixed media, digital art, and AI art.  Art allows Joanne to protect her peace.

Irina - Ambi_ETH

Multidisciplinary Artist

Irina is a multidisciplinary artist who developed the skills of drawing and painting with both hands. Her work is exploring the topics of self love, self acceptance, body positivity, women empowerment.

She also creates AI infused art which can be found on Twitter @brainzest_tez

Portrait of Carly McKinnis
Carly McKinnis

Photographer ETH/TEZ

Carly McKinnis is a mom, award-winning broadcast journalist, and photographer with a passion for exploring new places.  She loves storytelling in all its forms to document and celebrate the nuances of life. 

Abstract portrait of a woman wearing sunglasses with blue and pink light painting over the image.
Penelope Jo Matchett

Photographic Artist

Penelope is an Australian photographic artist, forever on the search for light and magic. Based in Orange NSW, she creates surreal photographic artworks by combining light painting, creative use of studio flash, self portraits and naturally lit landscapes.



Tiba is a talented photographer who excels at capturing meaningful moments in life. He is not only an expert in his craft but also a community builder who fosters connections through his work. His love for photography started at a young age and has blossomed into a successful career, where he uses his camera to capture stunning portraits and document stories. Tiba’s ability to freeze emotions and capture authenticity in his photographs sets him apart as a gifted artist.

Portrait of photographer Liyat Haile
Liyat G. Haile


Liyat G Haile is an Ethiopian-born Australian photographer living and working in Melbourne. She creates images in natural light, capturing landscape/seascape and streets in her surroundings as well as on her travels.

Static Motion NFT

NFT Project & Photographer

Static Motion NFT is a project that aims to support artists and projects in the Web3 space. Its focus is on fostering a community built on integrity, respect, and passion. The project owner, Matt, also strives to use his photography and art to capture the beauty around us and bring those moments to life within the blockchain.

Profile photo of a man
Frederick Schultz

Abstract and Kaleidoscope

Frederick is an abstract and kaleidoscope artist. He uses his smartphone to create digital art that explores spirituality and climate change. 
Steve Bennett

Lens-Based Visual Artist

Steve is a lens-based visual artist whose portfolio includes traditional fine art photography and abstract composite artwork. His work has been juried into numerous exhibitions and has been displayed in software, biotech, and financial service companies.   

Portrait of Mellodora, a woman looking down, with the shadows of words across her face.


Mellodora  is a photojournalist and nature photographer. She puts a spotlight on underrepresented social and environmental issues.

An image of a woman's finger with a small blue butterfly sitting on it.


Micca is nature photographer. She makes photographs inspired by the colors and beauty of nature.
A profile picture of visual artist, Poyo

Visual Artist

Poyo Gashti is hanging out in the visual arts world and vibing. He is a traveler, and is interested in the world of education, culture, and cultivation.

Selenine by Diana


Based in India, Diana has been studying and working with different energetic healing modalities for over 8 years. An avid believer in the philosophy ‘Everything is Connected’, she loves working with crystals, sacred geometry, astrology, the chakric system and body related alternate healing. Her art is inspired by the integration of these various systems.

An image of a women. The photograph is shot through glass. The woman is standing in a hallway.


Boxio3 turns her melancholy into art. She shoots the ever changing life, into a permanent still life. 

Digital illustration of a young girl blowing on a dandelion
Svetlana Bekyarova

Photographer and Artist

Svetlana is a fine art photographer. Her focus is on conceptual portraiture. Creativity inspires her life. 

Waleed Shah


Photographer | Author | Tedx Speaker | Breaking societal norms

Portrait of a man


Thorium is a photographer and NFT enthusiast. His work is inspired by inspired by 80’s pop culture, and the B+W work of Ansel Adams and Sebastião Salgado. He loves to travel to learn about people, culture, and food.

A black and white portrait of NFT photographer, Amara

Photographer & Abstract Artist

Amara is an abstract artist and Brazilian photographer. She is passionate about observing the world with different eyes.
She always tries to capture the energy and essence of things around her, through colors, shapes and movement.
A close up portrait of Marta Gazzola, an NFT photographer
Marta Gazzola

Poet & AI Artist

Marta Gazzola is a poet and AI artist. She creates windows beyond time and space, into the wonders. 

A profile picture of female singer, model, and artist, Giorgianza

Singer, Model, & Artist

Giorgianza is an Italian professional singer. She is also an artist and is exploring the world of photography as a model and as a photographer. She loves teaching art and imparting her creativity. She is an active member in the NFT community.

Portrait of Jennifer Martin, NFT Photographer
Jennifer Martin


Jennifer is an American-Australian photographer specializing in wildlife, underwater, and abstract aerials. She thrives on the creative process
and hopes that it inspires others to explore and create.
Shari is an accomplished photographer that puts her love of nature and family into everything she does, from her outdoor works, to her portraiture. Her passion and eye for artistry come across in all of her work.
Hand drawn outline sketch of a camera on a black background
Victor Guerra


Victor is a Brazilian photographer. He is passionate about nature and landscapes. His work aims to connect feelings with images.

A profile picture of George Ert, NFT Photographer
George Ert

Photographer & NFT Artist

George is an interior designer. He is a hobbyist photographer and artist. George graduated from art school, with specializations in women’s fashion design and interior design. George has loved photography since he used an old film camera as a child. 

AI art portrait of an adult man wearing sunglasses and a beard.
Pablo Knight

NFT Community Builder

Pablo Knight is an NFT Community Builder known for hosting the NFTVoteOff and the Taco King’s Taco of the Week.

An animated self-portrait of NFT artist, Maria Verde
María Verde - DRAWSBYMV

Illustrator & Writer

María is a digital artist and writer who represents her emotions and personal experiences in illustrations and poems. She uses  art as a reflection of personal growth and healing. Her art touches on subjects of depression, suicide, self-love, feminism, and other topics not normally discussed in society. 

Profile picture of artist Dorthe. Her face is centered in a swirl of colors.
Dorthe's Joy of Creation

Abstract Digital Artist

Dorthe is a digital abstract artist with a background in traditional art. She is inspired by nature, as well as the spiritual and emotional realm.

Abstract blue and golden art pieces by Gomp_art

Photographer & Writer

Gomp is a storyteller who plays with digital photography, fiction and poetry. He explores emotions in pivotal moments.

Portrait of the photographer, Cael looking at a print of his work.


Confronted by excruciating realities and potentiae, Cael soughts the secrets hidden in the loopholes, corners, and plain sight. Based in Rio de Janeiro, his work is mostly analog and uses multiple genres of photography.
An image of NFT photographer, Noelia Chalfon. She is wearing a black shirt, and holding a golden-haired monkey above her head. She is leaning in to kiss the monkey.
Noelia Chalfoun

Photographer & Drone Pilot

Noelia is an NFT photographer and drone pilot. She is volunteering at Senda Verse Wildlife Sanctuary. The proceeds of her NFT sales will go to help the animals of this Bolivian refuge.

An image of a shirtless man, wearing an opaque blue scarf over his face and shoulders.
John Phillips


John Phillips is a queer fine art photographer who has been working since the early 1980s. His work celebrates the body and movement, and he aims to capture the resilience, hope, and grace of his subjects through his photography. Phillips has built a reputation as a talented and dedicated photographer, and his historic archives of work are an important contribution to the field of fine art photography.

Profile picture of NFT artist, Cem

Illustrator & Digital Artist

Cem is a Turkish NFT creator on Makersplace. He focuses on surreal, manipulation, illustration, digital art and cyberpunk themes.  There is an art form that speaks. 

Headshot-style portrait of artists and ballerina, Bianca Victal
Bianca Victal

Ballerina | Photographer | Video Artist

Bianca Victal is a photographer, video artist, and professional dancer. In her work she likes to combine image and dance, exploring body, movement, forms, and body expression.

Profile picture of NFT photographer, Miss moon. In the image, her eyes have been painted over with a surreal filter.
Miss Moon


Miss Moon helps newcomers to the NFT space with free beginner NFT and Web3 guides. Her community gets holistic and fitness challenges. 

A digital drawing of a woman with green hair representing the NFT artist, ItsNaastaaraan

Abstract Artist

ItsNaastaaraan has been a visual artist since 2000. She specializes in fine art, abstract art and conceptual visual Art.
Nastaran strives to create beyond just simple arts and to tell imaginative stories through her art.



Andrew Hooker is an Australian photographer. He is passionate about intentional camera movement and seeks to capture the world through vision, light, and movement. 

A black square with a white broken circle in it.
IOVI Sacra Art

Digital Artist & Visual Designer

Lovi says, “I try to find BEAUTY in things that are IMPERFECT. LIKE ME.” Lovi uses errors in photography and digital art to create something new. 

Portrait of artist, KGKH
KGKH ART (G. Hunten)

Physical & Digital Artist

G. Hunten is a single, working mother of twins. She is of Jamaican and Panamanian descent. She is starting another chapter of her life by reviving her love for art. She is currently creating 1/1 digital art collectables that brings awareness of the indigenous Kuna Indians and their molas by creating digital handcrafted Mola Art.

Anna Asatryan

Artist & Photographer

Anna is a traditional digital artist, fashion illustrator and photographer. Participant of fashion shows in 2003-2004 in Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg and Moscow. Mother of two beautiful daughters, one with special needs. She is inspired by nature, female beauty, feelings and emotions, boho style, vintage and fashion.

Profile picture of artist, Megan Morror
Megan Morrow

Photographer & Digital Artist

Megan is a nature, wildlife, and drone photographer. Eleven years of photography has led her to the web3 world. She has evolved into a digital artist in the space. She is based in the Ozarks, Missouri, where she is creating and building a web3 life. 

Ata Maniei

Analog and Digital Photographer

Ata is a film and digital photographer. He has works minted on both the Ethereum and Tezos blockchains. 

Salman Ikram


Artbysalman is a self taught landscape photographer from Pakistan travelling around the country. The most intriguing and exciting thing for Salman is that he never seems to run out of places to visit and nor does his thirst for nature.


Photographer & Pigeon

TPigeon’s talents include photography, capoeira, hosting Twitter spaces, and always making his way home without using Google Maps. 


Audio/Video Artist

Wyrden is an artist, writer, and musician, whose work is grounded in a metaphysical background. He explores the mystical, unusual, aesthetic, and psychedelic facets of existence.

Angeleena Mulligan - The Fyre

Illustrator and AI Artist

Angeleena is a talented American artist. She creates stunning digital illustrations that she mints on the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. 

Anna is an artist from Ukraine.  Her first contact with art when she was a kid, painting traditional Ukrainian pysanky (Easter eggs) with her family.  She studied and worked with law, and thanks to NFTs she’s now back to art, this time digital arts.

Arijit Mondal


Arijit is a photographer, engineer, and father from India. His work focuses on wildlife photography and macro photography. 

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photo of a woman holding a camera, surrounded by sunflowers


Lauren McDonagh-Pereira is a photographer from Massachusetts, USA. She captures the beauty of the world around her, favoring Nikon cameras and lenses. She is drawn to shooting landscapes, wildlife, nature, and people authentically enjoying life.