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Guiding You Through the Digital Art Renaissance

Welcome to my NFT Guides! In these blog posts, I will offer you all of my insights to help you navigate the emerging world of creating, selling, and collecting digital art as NFTs (non-fungible tokens). There is a lot to learn, and I am excited to pass on the knowledge I have acquired to you!

Guides for NFT Artists and Collectors

A banner for a blog post. The text reads "AI Prompts - Exploring Art History with Midjourney" It features a grid of 12 different ballerinas created using different styles of art as the Midjourney prompt.

Exploring Art History with Midjourney Prompts

Uncover the potential of Midjourney prompts as an avenue to explore art history’s richness. Our blog post guides you through the definition of art history, explains the concept of midjourney, introduces midjourney prompts, and showcases instances of AI-created art. Step into a journey across time, styles, and themes, as we bridge the gap between traditional art understanding and the modern, AI-powered creativity.

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