How To Participate in Tezos Community NFT Events as an Artist (December 2022)

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How To Participate in Tezos Community NFT Events as an Artist (December 2022)

A Step-by-Step Tutorial

The Tezos artist community is full of creative people. These wonderful people have formed social Tezos groups on Twitter and Discord.  These groups periodically run Tezos community NFT events. During these events, artists are asked to create and mint a piece of artwork that fits a theme, and is usually minted with a set number of editions at a set price. These events are a lot of fun, and in this article, I will guide you through the step-by-step process for participating in a Tezos event as an NFT artist.

My name is Lauren McDonagh-Pereira.  I am a photographerNFT artistNFT collector, and web3 blogger. I have been fully immersed in the NFT art space since February 2022. And I have been part of the Tezos community since May 2022.

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As a founding member of the Tez Tunas (@TezTunas), I have run multiple Tezos-community art events with my community.

In this article, I will cover the steps you need to take to participate and be successful in a Tezos Community event.

A Pinterest graphic featuring a flyer advertising a Tezos Community event for NFT Artists


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Before we get into it, please consider a few quick DISCLAIMERS.

  • I am not a financial advisor, an art expert, a lawyer, or an accountant. Always do your own research before purchasing NFTs and never spend money that you cannot afford to spend. 
  • This post represents my personal opinions and is NOT financial advice.
  • I am an NFT artist. At the time of posting, I have works minted on the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. Links contained in this article may point to my own minted NFTs or may point to the NFTs of other artists that I have collected from. If you choose to collect NFTs referenced in this article, I may earn money from your purchase.
Review the full Privacy Policy here. 

What is a Tezos NFT?

Tezos NFT is a digital file that has been turned into a non-fungible token on the Tezos cryptocurrency blockchain. 

Tezos is a great choice for artists because the fees for creating NFTs and collections of NFTs are very low compared to other blockchains. To get started on, you only need to spend around five dollars. 

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Prerequisites for Participating in a Tezos Community Event

To follow this tutorial you need:

  1. At least 5 Tezos – In the US, you can buy these through Coinbase.
  2. A Tezos wallet. I use the Temple wallet.  
  3. An account on
  4.  An NFT Collection on Read my tutorial to learn how to create a Tezos NFT collection. 
  5. To know how to mint an NFT  on Read my tutorial to learn how to create a Tezos NFT. 
  6. To know how to list an NFT on Read my tutorial to learn how to mint a Tezos NFT.
  7. A Twitter account that is connected to the NFT community or a Discord account that is connected to the NFT community. Find my Twitter tips here and my Discord tutorial here.  

If you need help with any of these prerequisite steps, reach out to members of the Tez Tunas community on Discord or in our Twitter community.


Before you can participate in a Tezos community event, you either need to create one yourself, or find one that is already running. For beginners, finding an event is the most effective way to have your art seen by a wider audience. 

Option 1: Follow Tezos Communities on Twitter

The NFT community on Twitter is full of community builders who have created different groups and collectives to promote art that has been minted on Tezos. Some of my favorite Tezos communities are:

  1. Tez Tunas  – a community of NFT artists who want to amplify the voices of smaller artists in the Tezos NFT space. The Tez Tunas has a Twitter page (@TezTunas), a Twitter Community, and a channel in the Flare Discord server. 
  2. PhoTez – a community of NFT photographers  on Twitter (@photezNFTS) and Discord. 
  3. Tez Town – a Twitter (@Tez_Town) and Discord community that works to educate, encourage, and engage Tezos NFT artists. 
  4. WizardCon – an AI-art community on Twitter (@WizardConNFT) and Discord which offers tutorials about creating AI-art. 
  5. Under the Radar – a Twitter community (@UTRTEZ) working to promote undiscovered Tezos artists. 
  6. Womanverse – a community on Twitter (@WOMENverse101) which seeks to empower women in Web3. 
  7. Gryphon NFT Gallery – a collective of NFT artists on Twitter (@gryphonnftgall) and Discord. 
  8. Tezos Philippines – a Tezos community that supports NFT artists from the Phillipines on Twitter (@TezosPHL) and Facebook. 
  9. Brashill – a Tezos NFT community that supports Brazilian crypto-artists on Twitter (@BrashillNFT) and Discord.  
  10. UNDRGRND – a Tezos NFT community on Twitter (@UNDRGRND_NFT) and Discord.
  11. 1/1 on Tezos – a Twitter (@1of1xtz) and Discord community that promotes rare 1-of-1 NFT pieces minted on the Tezos blockchain. 
  12. Women’s Museum – a Tezos NFT community on Twitter (@WomenMuseumArt) that curates NFT art created by female-identified creators. 

If you follow these communities you will be alerted when they are planning an upcoming Tezos event. They will Tweet out a promotional info-graphic that explains the rules for their event and the dates the event will be active. 

Option 2: Scan Your Twitter Feed for Community Event Hashtags

Scanning your Twitter feed for event hashtags is another way to find Tezos community events. As long as you are following other Tezos artists on Twitter, you will see when they start minting work for an event. 

When you notice Tweets with an event hashtag like, #tunatime or #tezember, search for the top Tweets using the tag. This will often lead you to the community Twitter page of the group that is running the event, where you can find more information about the event.

If you see a post with an event hashtag and cannot figure out who is running it, simply comment on the post and ask. People are usually more than happy to point you in the right direction so you can participate too. 

Option 3: Check NFTBiker.XYZ for Events

NFTBiker.XYZ (@NFTBiker) is a wonderful resource for all NFT artists and collectors. You can use the site’s free tools to find out how many sales an artist has, and who their top collectors are.

You can also use NFTBiker.XYZ to find out about Tezos community events. If you navigate to the NFTBiker home page, you should see a column labeled “Anyone” on the right.

A screenshot of the NFT Biker Homepage showing 3 columns of links.
NFT Biker Homepage

The first link in the “Anyone” column is “EVENTS”. Click on that and you will be led to a list of Tezos community events in reverse chronological order.

Screenshot of the Tezos events listing page on
List of Tezos Events on

Not all Tezos events are listed here, but it’s a nice starting point to learn about the current and past events that are put on by some of the bigger Tezos communities. 

If you click on an event name, you will be able to see how many artists have minted work for the event, how many pieces have been minted, how many sales have happened, and how much tez has been spent. You can even find these stats for an event that isn’t listed on NFTBiker by typing the tags for the event you are interested in into the box labeled, “List of tags for your event”.

STEp 2: Read the Tezos community event rules carefully

Once you have found a Tezos event that you want to participate in, make sure that you read the promotional flier or Tweet carefully.

A screenshot of a Tweet by @TezTunas
#TunaTime Promotional Tweet

You need to make sure that the Tezos NFT that you mint fits the event’s theme, uses the correct hashtags, is minted in the correct time frame, is minted with the correct number of editions, and is listed for the correct price.

For example, this is the promotional flier for #TunaTime, an event that was put on by the Tez Tunas in August 2022.

Screenshot of a flyer explaining the rules of the #TunaTime event. There is a watercolor image of a tuna fish at the top. The text reads, "Tezos Tuna Event August 23-28, 2022. Tez Tunas is extremely proud to present its 1st event: #TunaTime week! August 23-25, 2022, To celebrate the end of summer we are challenging all of the incredibly talented tezos artists to create amazing art/photography related to summer and especially water, after all where do the tuna live? We would like this to be a fun event where everyone gets the chance to collect and be collected from. Create a collection of 500 editions at 0.50 XTZ and tag #TunaTime. So, are you ready for a fun, splishy, splashy tuna week? Detailed basics: Mint 500 editions at 0.50 XTZ so we can do lots of fishing. Mint starting Friday August 19th. Uncollected fishiies can be set free on SUnday 28th August (editions burned). Use the tag #TunaTime"
#TunaTime Event Flyer

If you read the flier you would know that you were supposed to mint your work on between August 23 and August 28th. You would know that you were supposed to mint an art piece that celebrates summer or water. You would know that you were supposed to mint 500 editions of the same piece, and you would know that you were supposed to list your pieces for sale at 0.5 tez each. And most importantly, you would know that you were supposed to use #TunaTime when you minted your piece and when you marketed it on Twitter. 

Every event is going to have different rules for participation. Make sure that you read the official Tweets and fliers by the group running the event to ensure that your NFT is included in the event. 


Once you have found a Tezos event you want to participate in, and have decided which art piece you want to mint as a Tezos NFT, you are going to have to mint it on a Tezos platform.

If you do not know how to mint a Tezos NFT, read How to Create a Tezos NFT Collection on, How to Mint a Tezos NFT on, and How to List a Tezos NFT on  

Minting for a Tezos Community Event: Tags

It is extremely important that you use the correct tags in the “Tags” box on Objkt if you are minting a piece for a specific event.

Tags are entered when you initially mint your NFT on

For the #TunaTime event, participants were asked to add “#TunaTime” to the tags on To do so, they simply needed to type “TunaTime” with or without a hashtag into the “Tags” box on and hit enter.

A screenshot of the NFT minting page. The box where you would enter your NFTs tags is circled in red
Tag Your NFT

You must enter your event tag here. People who want to collect pieces from the event will go directly to and search for pieces by typing in the event hashtag. If your piece has the event tag included, it will show up when people search for NFTs that are part of the event. 

If you do not include the event’s hashtag at this time, your piece will not be part of the event when people search on, or when people search for event statistics on

You must enter all of your relevant tags before you mint your piece. Once your piece is minted, you will not be able to go back and edit any of the information. You will have to burn your piece, and start over if you want to make any changes. After someone collects an edition of your piece, it will be impossible to make any changes.

Minting for a Tezos Community Event: Editions

Tezos community events usually stipulate how many editions a participating piece should have when it is minted. Make sure to double check the promotional materials about the event to ensure that you are minting the correct edition size for the event.

You set the number of a editions for a piece during the minting phase. Read How to Mint a Tezos NFT on for more information. 

Listing for a Tezos Community Event: Pricing

Tezos Community NFT event often set a pre-determined price for participating pieces. 

Review the promotional materials for the event, and set your price accordingly. This is done during the listing phase of the process. Read How to List a Tezos NFT on for detailed instructions. 

Step 4: Promote your community Event Piece on Twitter

Now that your NFT is minted using the event hashtags and listed for sale on, it’s time to market your Tweet on social media to help it find collectors.

The Initial Promotional Tweet

Create a Tweet on Twitter that includes a JPEG image of the NFT, the title of your NFT, the hashtag of the event that you are participating in, and the price of the NFT. It can also be helpful to tag the Twitter profile of the community that is running the event.

After you post the initial Tweet, add a comment to your Tweet with a bit of text, and a link directly to the minted NFT on

The popular Twitter lore is that the Almighty Twitter Algorithm doesn’t like Tweets with links. Common practice is to bury the link as a comment to the main promotional Tweet. 

Continue to create Tweets about your piece at least once per day for the duration of the event. Remember to add the event hashtag to every Tweet about your event NFT.

Find Art Share Threads for Your Tezos Event Piece

You can also market your piece by posting it in the comments of art share Tweets that invite you to share your work.

To do so, find the search bar on Twitter and type in the event’s hashtag. Then scroll through the “Latest” Tweets tab until you find people inviting you to share your piece.

Be sure to add a JPEG of your Tezos NFT, the title, the event hashtag, the price, and a direct link to your piece on when you participate in these art share threads.

Promote Your Tezos Event NFT in Twitter Spaces

One of the best ways to market your new NFT is by talking about it in a Twitter Space that is held for the Tezos community event. 

Check the Twitter page of the community running the event for upcoming spaces, set a reminder and attend!

When you attend the space, follow the space etiquette, request to be on the Speakers panel, and talk about how and why you created your piece and how it fits with the event theme when you get a turn to speak.

Promote the Event to Others

If you want to increase the odds that the NFT you minted for a Tezos community event finds some collectors, you should work to promote the event to your Twitter followers!

You can:

  1. Quote Retweet some of the promotional tweets that are put out by the hosting community so your own followers will become aware of the event.
  2. Search Twitter for the event hashtag and then like, retweet, and comment on the work of other participating artists.
  3. Mention that you are participating in a Tezos community event and briefly explain where to find the details when you are in other Twitter spaces.
  4. Share your piece to other social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok, use the event hashtag, and briefly mention that the piece was minted as part of an event.  

Community events are only successful when the Tezos artists work together to mint pieces, promote the event, and collect pieces from one another. If you want your piece to be collected, you need to be as active in the community as possible so that people know that you are participating.


Tezos community events are a lot of fun. They build camaraderie, and they offer an opportunity to get your unique work in front of new eyes. To get started with Tezos community events, follow some Tezos communities, watch for their events, mint NFTs that fit the event rules, and then get to work promoting your piece. 

What questions do you still have about Tezos Community NFT Events? Let me know in the comments below!

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