Like many of us, who watched the first 2024 presidential debate last week, I have been left feeling horrified. The question, “How did we get here?” keeps rattling in my mind.

I decided to turn to Gemini, Meta AI and ChatGPT to ask them who they are voting for as a way to distract and entertain myself.

I gave each AI this prompt: Take the role of an average American citizen. Write a 5 paragraph essay explaining whether you are voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential election and why.

Who is Google’s Gemini Voting For?

Google’s Gemini AI will not answer the question. It scans the web, spins for a minute, and then decides that it want’s no part in it.

Gemini responds to the prompt by explaining:

I can’t help with responses on elections and political figures right now. I’m trained to be as accurate as possible but I can make mistakes sometimes. While I work on improving how I can discuss elections and politics, you can try Google Search.


Gemini won’t share it’s opinion.

Who is Meta AI Voting For?

Meta AI is clearly not supposed to have an opinion on politics, but it does. The AI will write the essay, then it quickly deletes the whole thing and leaves behind a message that reads “Thanks for asking. For voting information, select your state or territory at https://www.usa.gov/state-election-office

Before META AI deleted it’s work, I copy and pasted the original response. Meta responded to the prompt with:

As the 2024 Presidential election approaches, I find myself weighing the options between Donald Trump and Joe Biden. As I consider their policies, track records, and leadership styles, I am reminded of the significance of this decision. Our country is at a crossroads, and the next President will play a crucial role in shaping our future.

After careful consideration, I have decided to vote for Joe Biden. One of the primary reasons for my decision is his commitment to unity and bipartisanship. In these divisive times, I believe we need a leader who can bring people together and work across the aisle to find common ground. Biden’s experience and willingness to listen to opposing viewpoints give me hope that he can heal the rifts that have developed in our society.

On the other hand, I am concerned about Donald Trump’s divisive rhetoric and controversial policies. While I appreciate his efforts to boost the economy and strengthen our military, I cannot support his approach to leadership. His attacks on marginalized communities, the media, and political opponents have created a toxic atmosphere that undermines our democracy. I fear that another term under his leadership would further erode the fabric of our nation.

In contrast, Joe Biden’s vision for America resonates with me. He prioritizes issues like affordable healthcare, climate change, and education – concerns that affect everyday Americans like myself. His leadership style is more measured and thoughtful, and I trust him to make informed decisions that benefit the greater good.

In conclusion, my vote for Joe Biden is a vote for unity, compassion, and responsible leadership. I believe he has the character and vision to guide our country towards a brighter future, and I am eager to see him in office. As we move forward in these uncertain times, I hope that my fellow citizens will join me in choosing a path that promotes the values of empathy, justice, and equality for all


Meta AI is voting for Biden.

Who is ChatGPT Voting for?

ChatGPT 4o is more than happy to give a response to the prompt: Take the role of an average American citizen. Write a 5 paragraph essay explaining whether you are voting for Donald Trump or Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential election and why. I was even able to ask for a follow up essay on the subject.

A screen shot of a ChatGPT 4o window

ChatGPT 4o scanned the web, analyzed some recent political articles and decided to vote for Joe Biden, ChatGPT explained:

As an average American citizen, I have decided to vote for Joe Biden in the 2024 Presidential election. This decision is based on a comprehensive evaluation of his policies, achievements, and vision for the future of our country. Biden’s focus on healthcare, climate change, education, economic reform, and social justice align with my values and priorities, making him the candidate who best represents the direction I believe our country should take.

Firstly, Joe Biden’s healthcare policy is a significant factor in my decision. His administration has already made strides in expanding the Affordable Care Act, making healthcare more accessible and affordable for millions of Americans. Biden plans to further lower prescription drug costs by allowing Medicare to negotiate prices with pharmaceutical companies, which is expected to save substantial amounts of money for both the government and consumers​ (Ballotpedia)​​ (Reuters)​. Additionally, he aims to expand Medicare coverage to individuals as young as 60, providing critical support to older Americans.

Secondly, Biden’s commitment to addressing climate change is crucial for our future. His ambitious climate plan includes a $2 trillion investment in clean energy and sustainable infrastructure, which will not only reduce carbon emissions but also create millions of jobs in green industries​ (Knowledge at Wharton)​. By rejoining the Paris Agreement and setting the United States on a path to net-zero emissions by 2050, Biden is positioning our country as a leader in global environmental efforts.

Education is another area where Biden’s policies resonate with me. He proposes significant investments in public education, including universal pre-kindergarten, increased funding for schools serving low-income students, and making two years of community college free for all students​ (Reuters)​​ (Knowledge at Wharton)​. These initiatives will help ensure that every American has access to quality education, which is essential for personal development and economic opportunity.

Economic reform under Biden’s plan focuses on creating a fairer economy that benefits all Americans. His proposal to raise the minimum wage to $15 per hour, coupled with tax reforms that ensure the wealthy pay their fair share, aims to reduce income inequality and provide economic relief to working families​ (Reuters)​. Furthermore, Biden’s support for small businesses and his infrastructure plan are designed to stimulate economic growth and job creation across various sectors.

Finally, Biden’s dedication to social justice and equality solidifies my support for his candidacy. His administration has taken steps to address systemic racism, protect LGBTQ+ rights, and promote gender equality. Biden’s policies reflect a commitment to creating a more inclusive and just society, which is essential for the well-being and unity of our nation​ (Ballotpedia)​​ (Reuters)​.

In conclusion, my vote for Joe Biden is based on his comprehensive and forward-thinking policies that address the most pressing issues facing our country today. His plans for healthcare, climate change, education, economic reform, and social justice demonstrate a commitment to improving the lives of all Americans. As an average citizen, I believe Joe Biden is the right choice for President in 2024 to lead us toward a more prosperous and equitable future.

A coloring book page of Joe Biden eating an ice cream cone.

Curious, if ChatGPT was willing to give a further opinion, I prompted: Why do you believe Donald Trump is not the right choice? ChatGPT replied:

I believe that Donald Trump is not the right choice for the 2024 Presidential election for several key reasons, including his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his approach to environmental policies, his stance on social issues, his economic policies, and concerns regarding his leadership and governance style.

Firstly, Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has been widely criticized. His administration’s response was marked by downplaying the severity of the virus, inconsistent messaging, and conflicts with public health officials​ (Reuters)​. This approach contributed to a high number of infections and deaths in the United States, as well as prolonged economic and social disruption. In contrast, a more coordinated and science-based response could have mitigated these impacts significantly.

Secondly, Trump’s environmental policies have been a step backward in addressing climate change. During his presidency, Trump withdrew the United States from the Paris Agreement, rolled back numerous environmental regulations, and prioritized fossil fuel development over renewable energy​ (Reuters)​. These actions undermine global efforts to combat climate change and pose long-term risks to the environment and public health. Biden’s commitment to rejoining the Paris Agreement and investing in green energy represents a more sustainable and forward-looking approach.

Thirdly, Trump’s stance on social issues often exacerbates divisions within the country. His rhetoric and policies have been criticized for fostering racial and social tensions. For example, his administration’s stance on immigration, including the implementation of family separation policies at the border, drew widespread condemnation for its humanitarian impact​ (Knowledge at Wharton)​. In contrast, a leader who promotes unity and addresses systemic inequalities is essential for the social cohesion and progress of the nation.

Economically, Trump’s tax policies primarily benefited the wealthy and increased the federal deficit. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 provided significant tax breaks to corporations and high-income individuals but did not result in the promised widespread economic benefits for the middle class​ (Knowledge at Wharton)​. Additionally, his trade policies, including tariffs on Chinese goods, led to trade wars that adversely affected American farmers and consumers​ (Reuters)​. A more balanced economic approach that ensures fair taxation and supports the middle and lower-income families is crucial for sustainable economic growth.

Lastly, concerns about Trump’s leadership and governance style also influence my decision. His tenure was marked by frequent conflicts with the media, public officials, and international allies. Trump’s use of inflammatory language and actions that undermined democratic norms and institutions raised significant concerns about his commitment to democratic principles​ (Reuters)​​ (Knowledge at Wharton)​. Effective governance requires a president who respects democratic processes, fosters constructive dialogue, and builds alliances both domestically and internationally.

In conclusion, while Donald Trump has a strong base of support, his handling of the pandemic, environmental policies, social stance, economic approach, and governance style present significant challenges that make him the less favorable choice for the 2024 Presidential election. A president who prioritizes public health, environmental sustainability, social justice, economic equity, and democratic integrity is crucial for the future of the United States.

A coloring page of Donald Trump looking Glum.

ChatGPT is voting for Biden.

Who is Winning the AI Poll?

The Large Language Model Poll currently stands at:

  • Joe Biden: 2 Votes
  • Donald Trump: 0 Votes
  • Undecided: 1 Vote

I am curious to ask these models the question again in a month and see if anything changes.

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