Take Me to NYC – Tez Collection by Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography

A panoramic view of the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn.

Take Me to NYC

Tezos NFT Collection by Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Take Me to NYC is a photography NFT collection by Lauren McDonagh-Pereira.  The collection explores the vibes of New York City.

Each piece is minted on the Tezos blockchain, and can be found on Objkt.com. 

A shot of a skyscraper in NYC from the street

Look Up

I visited NYC in February 2020. I didn’t know it then, but that weekend would mark my last trip, last restaurant meal, last live show, and last museum visit for almost two full years.

Shot: February 17, 2020

Nikon D7200 ƒ/7.1 1/800 35mm ISO800

A portrait orientation photograph of the lines of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Cross Over

In December of 2017, my brother planned to propose to his girlfriend by the Brooklyn Bridge. He wanted the proposal to be documented, but he didn’t want to tip off his future wife. His solution was to invite me and my husband to NYC for the weekend. I always have my camera on me and heavily document my day. My sister-in-law was not at all suspicious when I backed away and started firing away on my DSLR.

Shot: December 2, 2017

Nikon D7200 ƒ/20 1/50 46mm ISO200

A wide angle view from inside One World Trade Center.

Begin Again

Begin Again was taken inside the new One World Trade Center a few weeks after it first opened in 2016.

As an American, who experienced 9/11 as a child, it was a powerful feeling to see this symbol of resilience opened to the public 15 years after that day that changed the world for the worse.

Shot: April 10, 2016

Nikon D5100 f/4.5 1/160 19mm ISO 320


A pizza shop on the corner in NYC

Feed Your Eyes

What’s more New York than street art and pizza?

Shot: December 2, 2017

Nikon D7200 f/4.5 1/500 75mm ISO 200

The Manhattan skyline with the Brooklyn Bridge.

The View from the Otherside

On a chilly Saturday in December, my husband and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn with my brother and his girlfriend. Once on the other side, my brother surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. She said yes.

Shot: December 2, 2017

Nikon D7200 f/14 1/125 28mm ISO 400

A water bottle with NYC landmarks in front of the NYC skyline

See It All

That first time you visit NYC, you just want to see it all.

Shot: April 21, 2015

Nikon D5100 f/13 1/200 46mm ISO 200

The Statue of Liberty in NYC shot from below

Reach for Liberty

In April of 2015, I took a ferry to visit the Statue of Liberty. The gentle clouds floating in the blue afternoon sky made a gorgeous backdrop for this famous landmark

Shot: April 21, 2015

Nikon D5100 ƒ/18 1/200 80mm ISO200

Wait for Me

I will wait for you. Will you wait for me?

Shot: December 2, 2017

Nikon D7200 f/4.5 1/100 28mm ISO 200

photo of a woman holding a camera, surrounded by sunflowers

MEET Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira is a photographer from Massachusetts, USA. She captures the beauty of the world around her, favoring Nikon cameras and lenses. She is drawn to shooting landscapes, wildlife, nature, and people authentically enjoying life.