How to Get Women into Crypto (Hint: It’s Not Perfume)

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How to Get Women into Crypto (Hint: It’s Not Perfume)

Money. Women are people. People like money.

Buy our art.

Hire us.

Provide comprehensive crypto investing education that isn’t buried in hard to find Discord servers that are riddled with obscure slang.

I don’t want to read “Bro, bro, bro, generational wealth, bro!” I want a comprehensive, accessible explanation of how crypto investing compares to more traditional investing, how blockchain technology compares to mainstream computer science, and step-by-step explanations for how to do things and why.

Women have been marketed to since the day we came out of the womb. “This will make you prettier”, “That will make you skinnier”, “Those will make men want you!”. Come at us and say “This will make you richer”, and many women will roll their eyes at yet another scammy sales pitch meant to make us feel lesser than so you can take more from us. We are suspicious.  We are skeptical.  We have centuries of cultural gaslighting to justify those concerns.

So no, I don’t want crypto perfume, and no, I don’t need a femme PFP project run by a team of men.

I need education and opportunities offered in an open and accessible environment.

If you got rich turning crypto into a fringe boys club, you can’t complain that your market share isn’t as high as it could be because women don’t want to be part of it. 

Give me knowledge.  Give me financial opportunities. Give me a real seat at the table.

I’ve been sold enough bullshit cosmetics. I’m good. 

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