Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – March 5, 2024

A flyer for the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase for March 5. 2024

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – March 5, 2024

Welcome to the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase!

The Tezos community on X and Joyn.xyz shares their latest pieces of art minted on the Tezos blockchain. I chose my 25 favorites to feature so that you can discover new talent!

Please be sure to follow all featured artists on X, and to consider collecting on Tezos! You can view all the submitted pieces on Joyn.xyz

Happy Tuesday!

Top 25 Tezos Pieces of the Week

A sideways photograph of a man in a trench coat in the desert.
Expatriate by Mohako @moohakoo
A watercolor painting of a tree druid.
Silk Night by Airy @hieyery
A drawing of a woman.
Worn Out of Restriction by Monir Sehat @monirsehat
Digital art of a white bike along a white wall and the blue sky.
Lets Go by Noel @noel_art_
Self portrait of a woman lying in a steam.
Sink by Careverdeazul @Careverdeazul
Phootoshop image of a skeleton surrounded by ghosts.
Final Hour: Killing Time by NeoHaze @HazyLucky
Floral topography wishing for peace.
Flower Power by Louize @louizedesign
A drawing of two lovers embracing.
Becoming One by Foxylady @7foxylady
Photograph of Long-legged Buzzard.
Long-Legged Buzzard by Oveis @Oveis_Ghaffarii
The penetration of moisture into the plaster wall has created an amazing, beautiful and pseudo-figurative image. 2014 / Photography / 5329*3543 -300dpi
Moisture Painting by Piadeh @AshrafiMehdi
A 3D digital photoshop of a river through the mountains.
The Strength of an Oarsman by Temi @Temi_511
A colorful photo abstraction of mountains.
Geo by Vaxarus @vaxarus
A still life painting of a bouquet of flowers.
Flowers by Zaz @Zaz_gallery__
A hand holding two polaroid pictures of memories.
The Memories by Yasnasketch @yasnasketch
A drawing of a woman with her eye covered and her lips taped shut.
Silence by KrisTiUvarova @KrisUvarova2018
A photograph of two people hugging in front of a stone church.
Lovers' Meeting by MAYUdrops @Matifo970
A drawing of a man and a cat giving each other headboops.
Salvation by Nastranartmix @nastaranartmix2
Double + long exposure - 23 de maio avenue - Sao Paulo 2022 Abstract frames hunted of the streets of São Paulo exploring shapes, lines, high-contrasts. Arthur Pardini Leica Dlux7 4736 x 3552 px - 300dpi
Babylon-Frames #22 by Art Pardini @artpardini
Portrait AI painting with petals
Petals by Atiko @AtikoAE
A digital painting of a woman's legs wearing red boots.
Red Boots by Nuo Name @nuo_name
A cartoon of two lovers hearts connected, brains at war,
Lovers by DR @DRAvankLab
A photograph of a woman double exposed with flowers.
What is Love by Elfearsfoxsox @elfearsfoxsox
A lone sunflower sits on a bench.
Lonliness by Saeid Photo @Saeidphoto

Wedding Shoes by Masha Kozhdan @masha_kozhdan

A bride with wedding shoes.
Wedding Shoes by Masha Kozhdan @masha_kozhdan
A dramatic 3D art piece of a women's silhouette with a different shadow.
Who? by 3DPhilosopher @3dphilosopher


Thank you for joining us this week, and a huge thank you to all the artists who submitted pieces!

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