Stellar Recap – LUME Studios – April 2, 2024

A photograph from Steller 2024

Stellar Recap – LUME Studios – April 2, 2024

On Tuesday, April 2, 2024, Victoria West hosted the Tezos event of the year to kick of NFT NYC 2024!

Stellar was held at LUME Studios in NYC. The event featured beautiful art displays curated from artists in the Tezos community, live performances, and artists’ panel, and plenty of mingling amongst artists, Tezos devs, and art lovers. 

For a detailed recap of the event, please read STELLAR: Tezos Art in the Spotlight in NYC by Isobel Weston

For full res versions of the event visit my Google album here. You are welcome to download pictures of yourself or your art at the event and share on social media, just please throw a link my way when you do so. I also like degen tips on Warpcast

Stellar at Lume Studios

The Art

Beautiful examples of Tezos art were projected upstairs on large 15 foot walls. Attendees could walk around the room and become part of an immerse expeirence.

A room downstairs, featured a more tightly curated collection featuring specific artists, and a TezPole. 

The Community

Tezos artists, devs, collectors, and friends travelled from all over the world to see the art and share some love. 

The Vibes

DJ Chris Devcich, aka Guido Corleone set the tone with his DJ skills.

Vending NFTs

Vendingnfts was on site to dispense art with their “Tez Vending Machine”. 

The Panel

Aaron Vick’s moderated a discussion about art, blockchain, and building a community with panelists Sunny SangwanEmpress Trash, Joanne Enders, Leslie Spurlock, and Jennifer Panepinto.

"Washed Dreams" by Andressa Furletti

Andressa Furletti captivated the crowd with a performance of “Washed Dreams”. 

Graphite Method by Laurence Fuller and Vincent d’Onofrio

Vincent d’Onofrio and Laurence Fuller wowed the crowd with an artfully illustrated poetry performance called “Graphite Method”. 

A Memorable Night

Stellar 2024 was a memorable night of art, community, and a shared love of Tezos.

It was the perfect way to kick off NFT NYC 2024, and I cannot wait to see what innovative experiences the Tezos community creates in the future!

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