Boston DAO: September 2023 Meetup

A collage from the September 23 meeting of the Boston DAO

Boston DAO: September 2023 Meetup

The Boston DAO

The Boston DAO serves as a pivotal hub in Boston for the Web3 movement, bringing together a dynamic mix of tech enthusiasts, artists, and investors united by their zeal for decentralized technology. Situated in a city rich with innovation, the DAO is on a mission to position Boston as a frontrunner in the realms of blockchain and Web3.

Upholding values like community engagement, transparency, and inclusivity, The Boston DAO is far more than just a think tank. They’re in the trenches, interfacing with policymakers, orchestrating educational symposiums, and championing local Web3 initiatives. These multi-pronged efforts aim to not only enrich the Boston crypto landscape but to also create a community that’s both diverse and inclusive. What truly distinguishes The Boston DAO is its actionable focus—whether it’s lobbying for crypto-conducive legislation or boosting the non-profit sector through decentralized technology, the organization is steadfast in its commitment to induce tangible change. So if you’re looking to immerse yourself in Web3 and make a significant impact, joining The Boston DAO could be your next meaningful endeavor in Boston.

186 Ventures Hosts Boston DAO Meetups

The Boston DAO events are graciously hosted by 186 Ventures. They host monthly meetups for the Boston DAO in their offices in Boston.

186 Ventures is an early-stage venture capital firm headquartered in Boston, specializing in pre-seed and seed investments across consumer, enterprise, and disruptive tech sectors. Established in 2018, the firm was founded with a focus on agility and innovation, principles that echo in their commitment to backing bright entrepreneurs at stages where nimbleness can make or break success. With a small, efficient team, including Managing Partner Giuseppe Stuto and Platform & Operations expert Sophie Panarese, 186 Ventures offers more than just financial backing. They provide full operational and strategic support, leveraging an unparalleled network to help founders from the get-go. Their portfolio already boasts over 30 high-growth technology companies across a variety of industries, a testament to their hands-on approach and keen eye for disruptive potential.

The Boston DAO Community

Guillaume Lambert (@guil_lambert) is the founder of Panoptic.

Tom Grant is an editor at The Blockchain Income Report.


186 Ventures is hosting monthly Boston DAO meetups, AI meetups, and blockchain chats.

Reach out on Twitter to get an invite and join the fun!


Boston DAO Events

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