The Boston DAO – March 2023 Governance Meeting

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira is a photographer from Massachusetts, USA. She captures the beauty of the world around her, favoring Nikon cameras and lenses. She is drawn to shooting landscapes, wildlife, flowers, and people enjoying time together.

The Boston DAO – March 2023 Governance Meeting

THe Boston DAO

The Boston DAO is a web3 community, founded in early 2022. 

The decentralized community exists to bring together thought leaders, investors, creatives, blockchain builders, and students interested in web3 from all around the greater Boston area. 

The Boston DAO runs a discussion group on Telegram, manages a Twitter profile, hosts monthly meetups sponsored by 186 Ventures, and hosts the web3 conference ETH Boston

On Saturday, March 18, 2023, 35-members of the community met up at the 186 Ventures offices to discuss the Boston DAO charter, and to debate the future direction of the group in its role in making Boston the premiere city for crypto entrepreneurs. 


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THE Governance MEETING

(L-R) Vince McPhillip, Jake Lynch, and Calvin

On March 18, 2023, The Boston DAO (@TheBostonDAO) departed from its typical networking event to hold a governance meeting. 

The meeting was chaired by Vince McPhillip (@VinceMCP). Vince is the founder of Knomad, a company using blockchain technology to give freelancers greater agency over the work that they do. 

Vince did an absolutely commendable job of leading an open discussion of 35-people with different interests, goals, and hopes for the future of The Boston DAO.

The purpose of the March 2023 meeting was to determine whether or not the community felt that the charter was still an accurate reflection of the group’s overall mission in light of the many changes within the crypto and blockchain communities over the past year. 

As a group, we did a round of introductions, and then read the original charter aloud. 

Vince directed the group to complete three Google surveys. We were asked what we thought the charter did well, where we thought it could be improved, which population we think the Boston DAO should serve, what benefits we want members to receive for participating in the group, the goals we have for the group by 2028, and what we think the group needs to do to achieve those goals.

After each survey, Vince compiled our responses and led a discussion about the themes that emerged.

The discussion was lively, but respectful. We were meant to discuss 5 points over 2 hours, but only made it to 2 points after 3 hours. There was a lot of passion and great ideas flying around the room. 

The room was full of blockchain entrepreneurs and web3 builders. The goals were lofty, but backed up with plans of how to get there. 

The room has a vision of making Boston the place to be for crypto startups, and aims to make the greater Massachusetts population early adopters of using blockchain technology in consumer products and services. 

(L-R) Phil McMannis, Giuseppe Stuto, Kyle Laroche, Sophie Panarese, DAO Member, and Ana Maharjan

186 Ventures graciously hosted the meeting in their office space. 

Giuseppe Stuto (@gstuto) and Sophie Panarese (@SophiePanarese) came into work on a Saturday to offer their office space, and provide the members present at the meeting with pizza, sandwiches and drinks. 

Giuseppe is the co-founder and managing partner of 186 Ventures, and Sophie is the operations manager. 

Refreshments provided by Topo-Chico

We were kept well hydrated throughout our meeting with food and drinks, including hard seltzer provided by Topo-Chico

The Community

Jake Lynch

Jake Lynch (@lakejynch) is an investor at L1 Digital. He played a major role in crafting the original charter of the Boston DAO

Phil McMannis

Phil McMannis, co-founder of Waev.  Waev is building a simplified platform for companies to securely store consumer data on the blockchain. 

Phil is working tirelessly to plan the upcoming ETH Boston conference for the New England Blockchain community. The event will be held at Boston University over April 29-30th weekend. 

Spencer Thompson Brody

Spencer (@stbrody) edited the original Boston DAO charter.

He is a software developer, and he is on the team planning the ETH Boston conference. 

Max Lyman

Max (@Crypto_Jesus_) is the founder and CEO at Solon Labs

Hockwyn Tipwex

Hockwyn Tipwex (@hocwyn) is the co-founder and director of Uqbar Network, a company that aims to simplify the process of writing blockchain code. 

Greg Eusden

Gred Eusden (@_euzzz) is the founder of DeSpark, a web3 user research company connecting web3 founders with web3 consumer data. 

Ana Maharjan and Chris Lally

Ana Maharjan (@ana_maharjan) and Chris Lally (@ChrisLally) are the co-founders at Fide. They are building a database of web3 builders and creators to weed out people responsible for rug pulls and scams. 

Kyle Laroche

Kyle LaRoche (@DTKB_raw) is a photographer and blogger at “Damn, That Kid’s Black“. 

Mike Abramo

Mike Abrama (@SonnytheDegen) is the founder at BlogBytes. Mike covers decentralized finance, blockchain development, and crypto economics on his blog. 

Kyle LaRoche and Adam Hashian

Kyle Laroche shakes hands with Adam Hashian.

Adam Hashian (Big Daddy Hash) is the creator of BeanQuest (@beanquestrpg). BeanQuest is a text-based RPG fantasy game that also functions as a BNB miner for players. 

Greg Eusden and Tony

Greg Eusden chats with Tony. 

Tony (right) is a table top game and collectible card game developer. He is working with Adam Hashian on BeanQuest

Anastasia, Max Lyman, and Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Anastasia, Max Lyman, and Lauren McDonagh-Pereira posed for a shot. 

I handed my camera off to Greg Eusden to hop in a shot with Anastasia and Max.

I am Lauren McDonagh-Pereira (@LAMPphotography). I am a portrait and event photographer at Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography LLC, an NFT photographer under LAMPphotography, and a web3 blogger at NFT Art with Lauren. I write about NFT art, social media for web3 builders, and my on-going obsession with the Tezos blockchain

Yemisi Olorunwunmi and Annie

Yemisi Olorunwunmi (@helloyemisi) is the founder and hypewoman at Corporate Chocolate. Yemi works to help web3 builders scale their networks for success.

Annie (@glitter_boot) is in charge of Community Design for the Boston DAO

Annie, Sam, Anastasia, Calvin, Vince, Sophie, and Yemi

After the meeting wrapped, a few people stayed behind to catch up and make plans to meet-up at the upcoming NFT NYC  and ETH Boston conferences. 

The team planning the big ETHBoston conference got to work discussing the upcoming event after the Boston DAO meeting finished. 

What's Next?

Members of the Boston DAO will have big presence at ETH Boston

ETH Boston will run on Saturday and Sunday, April 29-30, 2023

The conference will take place at Boston University. Web3 community members will host panels, give talks, host workshops, and participate in a hackathon. 

If you would like to join the waitlist to get first dibs on tickets when they are released, or if you would like to apply as a speaker or a hackathon contestant, you can do so by completing this form

If you would like to join the Boston DAO, reach out to any of the people mentioned in this article and we can get you in to our Telegram chat group. 

Boston DAO Meetups

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