ETHBoston 2023 – April 29-30, 2023

ETHBoston 2023 – April 29-30, 2023

ETHBoston 2023

Welcome to the ETHBoston Conference 2023! Held at Boston University on April 29th and 30th, this remarkable gathering of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, developers, and industry leaders showcased the immense potential of Ethereum and blockchain technology.

The Boston DAO, a web3 community for blockchain builders and enthusiasts played a major role in the execution of the conference. Members of the Boston DAO secured sponsors, created the programming, and held a wonderful event for the whole web3 community


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ⓒ Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography 2013

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Phil McMannis, co-founder of Waev and ETHBoston Organizer

ETH Boston was an immersive experience that brought Ethereum’s game-changing capabilities to the forefront. As the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency, Ethereum has revolutionized various sectors, from finance and healthcare to supply chain management. Attendees at the conference witnessed firsthand the transformative impact of this decentralized ecosystem and gained a deeper understanding of its boundless possibilities.

People Networking Between Talks

The ETH Boston Speaker Lineup

At ETH Boston, esteemed speakers from diverse backgrounds shared their expertise, visions, and experiences, captivating the audience with their insights. From major product founders to influential developers, investors, and thought leaders, each speaker provided invaluable knowledge on the expanding frontiers of blockchain technology. These thought-provoking talks fueled inspiration and encouraged attendees to explore the vast potential of Ethereum.

On Friday, April 28th, the speakers and panelists had a chance to mingle before he main event at the ETHBoston Speaker’s Reception, hosted by G20 Ventures.

You can review my recap of that event here

Vince McPhillip of Knomad

Vince McPhillip (@vincemcpof Knomad giving his talk, “AI: The Nail to Crypto’s Hammer?”

MC Adam Hashian greeting Vince McPhillip as he leaves the stage.

Adam Hashian (@HashDaddyCrypto), the creator of BeanQuest served as the Main Stage MC throughout the conference. 

Vince McPhillp and Kyle Laroche exchange a hug in front of the stage

Kyle Laroche (@DTKB_raw) of DTKB was the official photographer of the event. 

MEV Burn Q&A with Justin Drake

Ethereum researcher, Justin Drake (@drakefjustin) joined the crowd via Zoom for the Keynote speaker session. 

Eric Siu asking Justin Drake crowd-sourced questions about MEV burn

Eric Siu is the founder of CryptoShire

The crowd watching Eric Siu and Justin Drake's Q&A
Eric Siu Ponders the Implications of MEV Burn
The Team Prepares the Crowd for the Next Presentation
Kyle LaRoche snags a shot of the crowd between speakers
Seth Priebatsch speaking about "Groma: Real Estate Currency

Seth Priebatsch (@sethpriebatsch) is the President of Groma Corp

Adam Hashian (Big Daddy Hash)
Shady El Damaty

Shady El Damaty (@hebbianloop) of Holonym discussing, “Zero Knowledge Systems for Private Identity and Transparent Accountability”.

Arjun Hassard

Arjun Hassard (@arjunhassard) of NuCypher explaining that “Building Decentralized Infrastructure is Hard, When Its Actually Decentralized”. 

Scott David Meyer

Scott David Meyer (@MrScottMeyer) of Proof of Learn discussing the future of blockchain-based education. 

Nick Ducoff, Stephen Moskowitz, Scott David Meyer and Sahir Doshi

Nick Ducoff (@nickducoff) of G20 Ventures runs a panel on “Doing What You Love for a Living” with Stephen Moskowitz of Pyxis Search Partners , Scott David Meyer (@MrScottMeyer) of Proof of Learn, and Sahir Doshi of the BU Blockchain club. 

Alysa Zhao, MacKay Grant, Sahir Doshi, Youssef Haider, and Jack McCarthy

A panel titled “How University Blockchain Clubs Educate and Prepare Students for a Career in Blockchain”. Hosted by Alysa Zhao interviewing MacKay Grant, Sahir Doshi, Youssef Haider and Jack McCarthy

Daniel Bernstein

Daniel Bernstein (@goatishduck) of Digital and Dusty, on “Appraising the Relics of Ethereum”. 

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira, Max Lyman, Jack Diefenach, and Vince McPhillip

Photo credit to Constantine (@attromath) of Dawdling Dudes

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira (@LAMPphotography) of Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography LLC leading a panel on “Building Communities in Web3”, with Max Lyman (@Crypto_Jesus_) of Solon Labs, Jack Diefenbach (@0xLobstah) of the Polygon Boston Guild, and Vince McPhillip (@vincemcp) of Knomad

The ETHBoston Venue

ETHBoston 2023 was held at Boston Univeristy in the graduate Business School building located at 595 Commonwealth Ave, Boston. 

The main space contained tables for sponsors, space for networking, and an NFT art gallery featuring art minted on the Ethereum network. 

Coffee and lunch was provided for all attendees, and there was a chill lounge across the street with large beanbag chairs and a large projector displaying curated ETH art. 

ETH Boston embraced active learning through hands-on workshops and an exhilarating hackathon. These interactive sessions allowed participants to engage directly with experts, gaining practical skills in smart contract development, decentralized applications (DApps), and decentralized finance (DeFi). 


ETHBoston was sponsered by QuickNode, Ceramic, L1D, Threshhold TBTC, Fidelity Investments, Moonbeam, Waev, Horizons, Verse, Castle Island Ventures, Concets, FilecoinGreen, TechStars_ and Inflection. 

The Boston DAO and WIB provided significant support. 

The Waev Table

Phil McMannis took a minute away from running the show to pose at the Waev (@datawaev) table. 


Threshhold (@TheTNetwork) is a a bridging platform for BTC DeFi functions. 

Fidelity Investments (@Fidelity) was recruiting talent from the conference attendees. 


Endstate (@endstate) is a luxury sneaker and apparel company that pairs physical goods with NFTs as proof of ownership. 

Moonbeam (@MoonbeamNetwork) is a multi-chain platform that pairs Ethereum to Polkadot. 


ETHBoston showcased the future of blockchain technology and its potential to reshape industries and societies. By gathering some of the brightest minds in the field, the conference fueled innovation and sparked discussions on the limitless possibilities offered by Ethereum. Furthermore, it solidified Boston’s reputation as a thriving hub for blockchain innovation.

We all owe a round of thanks to the team who planned and executed everything behind the scenes!

Alex Webbs and Phil McMannis

Alex Webbs and Phil McMannis were absolute superstars making sure every tiny detail ran smoothly during the planning process and throughout the weekend. 


Anne (@glitter_boot) absolutely crushed it behind the scenes. She stayed on top of all the speakers and panelists and made sure they got where they needed to go on time. 

Eric Siu and Jake Lynch

Eric Siu and Jack Lynch (@lakejynch) preparing for day 2 in the speakers’ lounge on Sunday morning. 


I curated an ETH NFT gallery for the event. 

I put out an open call to my Twitter community of artists and received over 600 submissions in four days!

I curated the selections down to three displays; 25 pieces by Local Artists, 40 pieces by Digital Artists, and 40 pieces by Traditional Artists.

Throughout the weekend the pieces were displayed in the chill lounge on a large projector screen, and in the main conference hall. 

ETHBoston NFT Gallery on Display in the Chill Lounge
ETHBoston NFT Gallery in the Main Hall
ETHBoston NFT Gallery
Lauren McDonagh-Pereira with "Sunrise in Tuolumne Meadows"

I enjoyed the experience of curating the gallery for the event, but it was so difficult to shave down the submissions into a smaller cohesive gallery. I had to set aside so many wonderful pieces.

I look forward to future curation opportunities at next year’s ETHBoston, and at other crypto conferences. 

The Networking

A key aspect of any successful conference is networking, and ETH Boston thrived in fostering meaningful connections among attendees.

This conference brought together established leadersaspiring entrepreneurs, and passionate enthusiasts, providing a platform for collaboration and knowledge exchange.  

I had fun meeting up with people that I had met at previous Boston DAO events, and making new connections with blockchain builders. 

Sophie Panarese

Sophie Panarese (@SophiePanarese) of 182 Ventures. 

Jack Diefenbach and Vince McPhillip

Jack Diefenbach (@0xLobstah) of the Boston Polygon Guilde and Vince McPhillip (@vincemcp) of Knomad

Ryan and Jerry

Ryan Thomas of Green Pill Boston (@GreenPillBoston) and Jerry.


Whit (@cryptomachia) of DarkBlock (@darkblockio). 

ETH Boston Conference 2023 was a groundbreaking event that united cryptocurrency enthusiasts and industry leaders in a quest to explore the power of Ethereum and blockchain technology. Attendees left the conference inspired, armed with newfound knowledge and connections to drive innovation in the fast-evolving cryptocurrency landscape. The event paved the way for a future where decentralized technologies will transform the way we conduct transactions, interact, and shape our world. So mark your calendars for the next ETH Boston Conference, where innovation and collaboration reign supreme. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be at the forefront of the cryptocurrency revolution.

Thank you for reading!

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