NFT NYC 2024 Recap

Talks at NFT NYC 2024

NFT NYC 2024 Recap

NFT NYC 2024 was held at the North Javitts Center in Hudson Yards, NYC. The event ran from April 3-5, 2024. 

For full res versions of the event visit my Google album here. You are welcome to download pictures of yourself or your art at the event and share on social media, just please throw a link my way when you do so. I also like degen tips on Warpcast

A shot of the NFT NYC letter sculpture with people's stickers on them.
The Famous NFT NYC sign covered in stickers.

The Art

Many NFT artists had their minted artwork on display in the artists’ village. 

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira posing with her art at NFT NYC 2025
Me posing with my piece, "Watch Me Shine" at NFT NYC 2024

The Community

NFT artists and enthusiasts from all over the world came to NYC NFT to network and share the love. 

Artists at NFT NYC 2024
Me, hanging out in the Artists' Village with some of the amazing web3 friends I have made over the last few years.

The Talks

Artists, devs, and builders in the space hosted fascinating panels about how they envision the future of the space. 

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira posing with a listing for her talk
Me, posing with my talk title at NFT NYC 2024

The Performances

The Artists’ Village featured a stage where talented web3 musicians showed off their skills. 

The Booths

NFT NYC 2024 sponsors had booths set up on the main convention hall floor. 

Booths at NFT NYC 2024
Me, an elder emo millennial, nerding out at the nostalgia of the LimeWire booth.

Here's to Next Year

Catch you at NFT NYC 2025!

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