NFT NYC 2023

NFT NYC 2023

NFT NYC 2023

NFT.NYC 2023 was an absolute whirlwind of a week. 

NFT artists, collectors, and enthusiasts from all across the globe gathered in New York city to discuss technology, DeFi, and art

I met Twitter friends that I have been connecting with for over a year in person for the first time, I got to see my art displayed in a gallery, and I got to give a talk about my passion for Tezos!

Read on for my recap of the #NFTNYC2023 main event!


A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side
ⓒ Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography 2013

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NFT NYC 2023 was held at the North Javits Center in Hudson Yards. 

The space is gorgeous. It is expansive and filled with lots of wonderful natural light. 

The conference was housed on two floors.

One floor had stages for talks on NFT Community and NFT Gaming, and and the Future of Web3.  It was also filled with booths from various companies in the web3 space.

The other floor was home to the main event stage, the Art Stage for talks about independent NFT art, and the Artists’ Village where 2,000 pieces of NFT art by web3 artists were displayed. The Artists’ Village led out to a rooftop patio with an excellent view of the river. 

The Speaker's Dinner

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira after registering at NFT.NYC 2023

NFT.NYC 2023 kicked off on Tuesday, April 11, 2023 with the Speaker’s Dinner for speakers and panelists at the event. 

The reception was held upstairs in the Artist’s Village space and provided an opportunity to mingle with other conference speakers while enjoying complimentary drinks and passed hors d’oeuvres. 

It was at the Speakers Dinner that I “met” Joanne Enders.

Joanne is an author, an NFT artist, a popular Twitter Space host, and a web3 community builder. Joanne has been a close friend since the Spring of 2022. I have talked to her daily in Twitter Spaces, in Twitter DM groups, and via text messages.

We live thousands of miles apart, and had never had the opportunity to spend time together in person. It was such a joy to get to give her a hug and spend the week exploring New York City with her. 

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira (left) and Joanne Enders (right) meeting in person for the first time at the #NFTNYC2023 Speakers' Dinner


NFT.NYC 2023 had a large slate of sponsors. Web3 native companies, and Web2 companies expanding into the space had booths to give out merch and explain their offerings to the crowd at the event. 

The Artists Village was created using screens by Whim

Whim creates high end screens that can be used to display your NFT art collection anywhere you can find an outlet. 

Joanne Enders using WHIM technology to find another artist's work.

The Talks

The presentations at NFT NYC provided a valuable overview of the current state of art minted as NFTs. They also highlighted the potential of NFTs to revolutionize the art world.

I was inspired by new ideas and the level of passion that my fellow NFT artists, creators, and enthusiasts have for the future of the space. 

“The Promise of Tezos for NFT Artists” by Lauren McDonagh-Pereira

Video by Juliet Haas

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira on "The Promise of Tezos for NFT Artists"
Joanne Enders on stage at NFT.NYC 2023
Joanne Enders on "Leveraging Your Art in the Digital Marketplace with NFTs"
Joanne Enders on "Leveraging Your Art in the Digital Marketplace with NFTs"
Brian Cattelle and SuperMari on "Exhibiting NFT Photography IRL: Breaking out of the Physical Print and Traditional Gallery Space"
Brian Cattelle and SuperMari on "Exhibiting NFT Photography IRL: Breaking out of the Physical Print and Traditional Gallery Space"
Dave, Maxwell Lyman, KidEthereum, and Gabe on "Decentralization through NFT's"

The Art

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira showcasing "Stay With Me Until the End"

The Artists Village at NFT NYC 2023 was a space for artists to connect with each other, learn about the latest trends in NFT art, and showcase their work. The village was located on the rooftop of the North Javits Center, and it featured a variety of activities and events throughout the three-day conference.

Artists submitted work for consideration in November and December 2023. Any piece submitted had to have been minted as an NFT

There were thousands of submissions for the event’s gallery.

Selected artists were offered a complimentary pass to the conference and were invited to to attend the event to show off their art and network with one another. 

I was so happy to see my Tezos NFT, Stay With Me Until the End, featured at the gallery. 

I spent most of my conference time in the Artists’ Village, watching the work of my friends pop up on screen, meeting Twitter friends in person for the first time, and making connections with new artists I hadn’t met yet. 

Sandman / Joe Mangrum creating a beautiful sand mandala.
Violetta Zironi performing on stage.
PapaBearded showing off his AI-enhanced photography
Joanne Enders with her stunning AI work
Hind with her gorgeous Northern Lights animated NFT.
Trish Gianakis with her stunning AI-piece.
Leslie Spurlock showing off her portrait photography.
Roving Rivera and his NFT photography
May with her striking animated piece.

The Artists

The absolute best part of NFT.NYC 2023 was meeting many of the artists that I have formed relationships with on Twitter over the past year and a half. 

There was so much laughter and so many hugs. I would attend this conference every weekend if I could. The warmth and friendship was infectious. I am still glowing from it all. 

Ev (Sloika), Zigmarillion, Katie and Houston Vandergriff (Downs & Towns), Anje Vela, Leslie Spurlock, BanthaFodderDan, Lauren McDonagh-Pereira, and Hind
May, Hind, and Rohit
Katie and Houston Vandergriff, HInd, May, Ev (Sloika), Swati, Harini, and Leslie Spurlock
Brian and Juliet
Hind and Andressa
Sunny and Zach
HInd, May and StokeDriven
Leslie, Jen, and P0ng
Anje and Satan's Unwashed Sombrero
Houston Vandergriff

The Hugs

There were so many hugs at NFT.NYC.

Leslie Spurlock was an absolute champion hugger. 

The Hijinx

When you put a few hundred artists who are internet besties in the same conference hall, shenanigans are bound to ensue.

There was a lot of picture taking, and a lot of pictures taken of other people taking pictures.

My favorite example is the above photo-ception that I captured of Joanne taking a picture of Hind taking a picture of May taking a picture of Satan’s Unwashed Sombrero. 

The Selfies

Lauren, Joanne, and Juliet

There were oh so many selfies taken at NFT NYC. Every time people met for the first time, an excited selfie happened immidiately. 

Key Takeaways for NFT NYC 2024

NFT.NYC 2023 was an absolutely amazing event.

I loved every minute of it, because it drew so many wonderful people from all over the world to the same place at once.

It was a magical experience and I cannot wait to go back in 2024. 

Thank you for reading!

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