Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase (April 4, 2023)

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Tezos Tuesday Community SHOWCASE

25 Fabulous Pieces of NFT ART - Tuesday, April 4, 2023

Welcome to week 12 of the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase on NFTARTWITHLAUREN.COM!

Each week, I reach out to the amazing Tezos artist community on Twitter to bring you the latest NFT pieces to highlight the diverse and wonderful art that has been minted on my favorite blockchain

Thank you to each artist who participated in this week’s thread! 

Please read my quick disclaimer, and then we will get into this week’s art!


Before we get into it, please consider a few quick DISCLAIMERS.

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A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase - April 4, 2023

“Rose 114” is surreal and beautiful. 

by Rose

The soft lines of this AI-piece give me a whimsical Dr. Suess vibe. 

by Sakura

Leon’s poem is so relatable.  I often wonder if anything I do will matter or if I am just floating in space. 

by Leon Faesulis

This painting by EIDOS gallery makes me so curious. Am I looking at macro tree bark? Am I seeing a city in the distance obscured by haze? The possibilities are endless with abstract paintings. 

by EIDOS Gallery

Maria Verde captures the confused feelings of fear and excitement in the face of the unknown in her poem. 

by Maria Verde

The deeply sad longing in this animated piece by Freak Boy is heartbreaking and wonderful. 

by FreakBoy

I have been a fan of Dillin with Art’s digital collages for a while. This dinosaur piece does not disappoint. 

by Dillin with Art

This acrylic painting is wonderful. I can see the figures around the fire in the abstracted brush strokes. 

by White Solitude

Jolene’s digital collages are top notch. I love the way she combines images of vintage female beauty with elements from nature. 

by Jolene Casko

Have you discovered Eve yet? Her work pops! It is poignant and vibrant, and I hesitate to share it because I want to collect it all for myself. 

by Eve

Whale hello there! Tiny Whale and Lucky August combined forces for this topical digital illustration. 

by Tiny Whale and Lucky August

Darina’s skulls are great. They remind me of the fashion and vibes of the emo/goth scene in the early 2000s. 

by Darina @SwarleyArt

I love this sweet digital illustration by Erphan. The fox is so regal and self assured. 

by Erphan Malek

This animated fox gif was so irresistible that I collected it from the secondary market. 

by Diamond Gallery

Arijit has created a fabulous example of bird photography. The Indian Paradise Flycatcher is so crisp and detailed, and the landscape beyond is obscured in such a beautiful bokeh. The precision needed to get this shot is impressive. 

by Arijit Mondal

Phos³ has captured such an intimate expression of that rare breed of affection that really does last for decades.

by Phos³

EchoBravo has created an excellently bizarre portrait. It reminds me of something out of a Tim Burton movie. 

by EchoBravo

“Bird Song” is a beautiful double exposure photograph. It looks like an album cover from the 90s. 

by Ayaz Yildiz

A mirror selfie self-portrait with a vintage camera? Of course I love it. The combination of photographic trends across decades brings me joy. 

by Alexandre Desane

Marco Kern’s landscape work is so magical. 

by Marco Kern

I love the way Liyat uses crop sensor lenses on her full frame camera to create compelling frames for her ocean scenes. 

by Liyat

Penelope is a master of light-painting. This wonderful double exposure is so smooth, it almost has a musical flowing quality to it. 

by Penelope Jo

I am always a sucker for a good shadow shot. Free Bird evokes such a sense of claustrophobia and longing. 

by Fateme Adlzadeh

I love the way the light coming through the windows adds new patterns on the decorated walls of the Narenjestan Qavam House. 

by Artnaz

The light coming through the door makes it seem like this craftsman creates his pottery with pure magic. 

by Fatih Mehmet


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