Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – February 20, 2024

A flyer showing off 25 pieces of art for the February 20, 2024 Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – February 20, 2024

Welcome to the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase!

The Tezos community on X and Joyn.xyz shares their latest pieces of art minted on the Tezos blockchain. I chose my 25 favorites to feature so that you can discover new talent!

Please be sure to follow all featured artists on X, and to consider collecting on Tezos! You can view all the submitted pieces on Joyn.xyz

Happy Tuesday!

Top 25 Tezos Pieces of the Week

I love the golden glow of sun setting in the background. I also love the way the crowd of people is cast in silhouette. 

A photograph of silhouetted figures on a bridge at sunset.
A Moment in Time by Faraz Habiballahian

“Just Together” is an impressively soulful piece of AI art. 

Just Together by Sad Wonderer

This piece is whimsical and magical. It reminds me of the kind of epic children’s book that stays in your heart for your whole life. 

An AI painting manipulated in photoshop of a young boy fishing among the stars.
Dream on the Hook by Harshit Dave

This piece of vector art is so delightfully peaceful. 

A delightful pastoral illustration of a lone farm house in a field.
Where Serenity Lies by Arisu アリス

This piece of flash fiction is shocking and hauntingly beautiful in its ability to tell a complex story with only a few words. 

A black square filled with text. The text reads "Flash Fiction: "Farewell" He knew that was the last time he would leave his apartment, so he ignored the door and jumped out of the window. Copyright 2024 Zic Blazon
Farewell by Visual Text Frames

My eyes can’t help but be mesmerized by all the different lines. I want to follow each one and see what it creates.

Bad Man by H E J E E M I

I love cats. I love absurdity. This is excellent. 

Post-photographic AI art of a man playing chess with a cat surroudned by surreal kittens hatching out of eggs.
New Mews by Plasmo

This fine art photography collaboration between Mosio and Sally is full of emotion. 

A piece of fine art portrait photography showing a woman curled up in despair in a room.
Still Intangible by Mosio and Sally

I love the color and movement in this intimate painting. 

A colorful mixed media physical and digital painting featuring the outline of a woman.
My Soul by Far

With this photograph, Rinaldo has found the abstract beauty in the everyday mundane. 

Seresta Detail #2 by Rinaldo Coelho

Abbas has done a wonderful job capturing the happiness in this young girl’s face. 

A photograph of a young girl wearing a red dress sitting on her front steps.
A Girl in Red by Abbas Rahmani

Simple and beautiful, this piece is a vacation for my eyes. 

A minimalist digital painting of a giraffe at sunset.
Giraffe by Marzy Motamedi

David’s piece is unique and beautiful. 

A 3d art piece of a classically posed sculpture.
The Shadow of My Soul by David Marc

This watercolor painting beautifully captures the scene of a sailboat at sea. 

A watercolor painting of a sailboat at sea.
Life Story by Bahar

This is such a rich photograph of the Trisakti waterfall in Bengkulu, Indonesia.

A photograph of the Trisakti waterfall in Bengkulu, Indonesia
Wonderfall by Yoghi Juliansa

I am delighted by this shared moment between a person and a cat. 

A black and white photograph of a cat sharing a moment with a human.
Hey Bud...! by Raja PS

Lisa’s collages are bold and captivating. 

A digital collage featuring a woman's face and red and beige motifs.
Cini by Lisa McKenna

Dance of Freedom by Soroor Art (@ArtSoroor)

I love the beautiful fluid movement of the woman in this image. 

A digital painting of a woman wearing a blue gown and dancing with birds in the blue.
Dance of Freedom by Soroor Art

A dramatic burst of light holds the secret to a story. 

The Unexpected Visitor by Dorthe's Joy of Creation

Provocative and powerful, this piece takes old fascinating photos and creates something entirely new. 

A collage created from old found nudes arranged in the shape of the letters "We Can"
We Can by Seendolf

The stark red and black of this piece capture my attention and make me want to know more about the meaning behind it. 

An AI and digital drawing mixed media piece showing a woman's silhouette and parrot images.
Support and Care by Kris

This photograph captures a beautiful moment of love between a mother giraffe and her newborn calf. 

A Mother's Love - The Kiss by Prymalfury

I cannot remember the last time I saw a flower shot in such stark silhouette. This photo grabbed my attention and didn’t let go. 

Desire by MGrass

Ended Feeling #7 by Mehdi Ashrafi (@AshrafiMehdi)

There is a story behind this bouquet of flowers, and I need to know it. 

Ended Feeling #7 by Mehdi Ashrafi

I love the gentle hominess of this beautiful watercolor painting. 

A sketch of a woman pulling naan out of an oven.
Hot Out of the Oven by Royz


Thank you for joining us this week, and a huge thank you to all the artists who submitted pieces!

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