Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase (May 23, 2023)

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Tezos Tuesday Community SHOWCASE

25 Excellent Pieces of NFT ART - Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Welcome to week 17 of the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase on NFTARTWITHLAUREN.COM!

Each week, I reach out to the amazing Tezos artist community on Twitter to bring you the latest NFT pieces to highlight the diverse and wonderful art that has been minted on my favorite blockchain

Thank you to each artist who participated in this week’s thread! 

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A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase - May 23, 2023

I am in love with this joyous explosion of color. 

La Pinata by Abangbrooch

Margarita is such a talented tradional artists. The sense of depth she creates in this paper and pencil piece blows my mind. 

And I Will Dream of Karelila by Margarita Akimova

Flip uses AI to recreate a beloved skateboard that was stolen from him years ago. 

The Green Witch Returns by Flip Acadabra

This AI art piece makes me feel like I am enjoying an epic children’s book. 

Beauty of Stillness by Igor Tsaruk

Hope of Horizon transports me to a magical realm of imagination. 

Hope of Horizon by Jay Dipsinh

Blooming Spirits is a wonderfully intricate hand drawn digital piece. 

Blooming Spirits by Anna Zubarev

Remember Me takes up residence in my brain with its bold pops of red and cubist imagination. 

Remember Me by FreaklandMamma

I could watch this mandala spin all day. 

Psytranceart by artbysumit

This is a compelling example of portrait photography by Oyeniyi banji Andrew.

Enigmatic Duo by BanjiAndrew

Boomerang shows the power of discovering art hidden within the ordinary. 

Boomerang by CNS Art

David used Midjourney AI software and photoshop to create this soulful piece examining the dangers posed by loneliness. 

15 a day by David J. Del Grande

Aurora Hill is a beautiful example of an imaginative AI landscape. I wish I could transport myself directly into this scene and just live there for years. 

Aurora Hill by Marcello Art

AF+ is a striking digital collage by Meta is Dope.

It was an open edition, that I apparently missed. Boo. 

AF+ by Meta is Dope

I am in love with Ybellion’s digital painting in a watercolor style. The details are excellent, and the cat’s gaze is so hilariously intense.

I wish I had collected this 1 of 1 Tezos NFT before it was snatched away from me. 

The Queen by Ybelion

There is something so compelling about this AI NFT on Tezos.

I feel myself drawn into the gaze of this woman. 

AiA #04 BY Saeed ShooShtari

“Duck Lake” by Milad just makes me smile. The colors, the distinctive illustration, and the peaceful little ducks just make me so happy. 

Christopher Fryant used Midjourney AI to enhance the beauty of Casey Broda‘s floral photography.

The result is a surreal and lovely digital image that is bursting with life. 

Late Summer Medley by Casey Broda

This excellently odd piece comes with a poem by Anna van Tassell:

“In a labyrinth of cells,

Your song guides,

Like a secret composer,

That in us resides.

For both body and mind,

You are the chain,

That links our mind’s notes,

In a harmonious strain.

While the sweet sonnet,

Of your chemical serenade,

Plays us the tune,

Of how happiness is made. “

All credit to Anna Van Tassell

Dopamine by Annavan Tassell

If you ever wondered what would have been created if Van Gogh had access to LSD, now you know. 

Frozen Wonderland by Adriano Chairetta

“Sharing the Silence” is a wonderfully contemplative piece of art. 

My only regret is that I hadn’t fallen a few weeks behind on these Community Showcases so that I could have collected an edition before it sold out. 

Sharing the Silence by Hakan Biyiklioglu

“Maral 6” creates a compelling visual story. The viewer is forced to consider where the woman at the center is heading, and why she is choosing to make such a trek. 

Maral 6 by Pantea

Mehmet used a low angle and a flat landscape to give this long little poppy a powerful sense of agency and importance. 

Poppy by Mehmet Karaca

I love this collage by Vlad. It’s a gorgeous landscape scene, an intriguing sci-fi story, and a nostalgic throwback to the heyday of Instagram travel influencers circa 2012.

Journey by Vlad

Yoghi beautifully captures the joy of walking in the fog in this ultra crisp photograph. 

Misty Afternoon by Yoghi Juliansa

“Peace” by Sonyart is sweet and purrfect.

It makes me keenly miss my dear cat, Athena as I reminisce about those sweet, loving cuddles. 

Peace by Sonyaart

Thank you!

Thank you to all of the wonderful artists who participated in this week’s thread!

I appreciate the trust that you place in my to showcase your art, and I look forward to building the Tezos art ecosystem together.

Thank you dear reader for taking the time to explore this week’s Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase gallery on nftartwithlauren.com. 

I hope you found some new artists to follow on Twitter, and maybe even found some new gems to pick up from Objkt.com

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