Solana Saturday Showcase: March 9, 2024

A collage for the first evert Solana Saturday Showcase

Solana Saturday Showcase: March 9, 2024

Welcome to the first ever Solana Saturday Showcase!

I asked the community of Solana artists on X to share their minted work with me.

Narrowing down this week’s selection to my favorite 25 choices was an extremely difficult task. You can view all 179 submitted pieces on

All title tags lead to the artists’ X accounts, and all images link to the piece’s listing on Exchange.Art. Enjoy some gorgeous art, follow some new web3 artists, and maybe purchase a Solana NFT or two.


Top 25 Solana Pieces of the Week

An illustration of two little box robots. The smaller one has a balloon.
Love Language by Mayor @Mayor_pencils
A black and white photograph of the sun beating down on a lone tree.
Welcome to Slab City by Juliet Haas @JulietHaas
A cityscape photograph of Bonifacio Global City
Bright Lights of BGC by Kevin Icabales @KIcabales
A photograph of a plane flying in front of the full moon.
The Flight to Boston by Léon Montana @0xLeonMontana
A black and white photograph of a raised arm.
Earn by Janis @janisour33
An abstract painting depicting the angels that watch over babies who have been lost.
Angel and His Child by Monimel @LinImelda
A gif of rain falling on flowers at night.
NightLight Rain by Jennifer Panepinto aka QuantumSpirit @JenPanepinto
An underwater photograph of a woman snorkeling with two sea turtles.
Underwater Ballet by Kaha @AtelierKaha
Scanography of flowers and medications.
Hope by Saji Fall @SajiFall
A photograph of a woman looking out the window with one hand pressed against the glass.
Reflection of Life Woman by Beytullah Elas @beytullaheles
A photograph of a man walking down a hallway with intense shadows.
Shadow Alley by Tolga @tolgaulutas
A digital art piece of two figures entwined.
Conscious Kink by Dreamer Mind @4mir_nft
A photograph of W 31st street in NYC.
Sundown on W 31st by BanthaFodderDan @GeekNYWoo
Light painting photography of a man walking across sand.
Ghost Parade by Yohoho @YohohoNikolay
A digital illustation of two human figures facing each other with pink and reflected trees.
Reflexus by Atiko @AtikoAE
Abstract pen, ink, and acrylic print.
Roaring Pines by Lapis Lazuli @LapisLazuliArt
Figurative art to look like a portrait on tiles.
Can You See? by WeirdMomma @weird_momma_x
A painting of a woman with long red hair followed by orange fish.
Angel of FIshes by Hanisa Painting @Hanisa12d
A digital illustration of a woman in 18th century clothing with her face covered.
Nothing to See Here by It Became Life @ItBecameLife
Maha Shivaratri is a Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Shiva, celebrated annually in honor of the god's marriage to Goddess Parvati. Devotees often observe fasting, offer prayers, and participate in night long vigils during this auspicious occasion.
Holy High by Vik @vikvii7
M78 is a reflection nebula in the Orion constellation. It is often said that it resembles a pair of eyes. Reflection nebula reflect the light of nearby stars. In this case, the nebula look blue as they reflect the light. There is also some interstellar gasses that appear darker.
Space Eyes (M78) by Jason Betzner @Chesapecten
A photograph of the Oregon Coast.
Morning Stroll by CharliE @deftony83
A drone photograph of a temporary lake in the Sahara desert
Sand Lake by Giulio Aprin @GiulioAprin

Structured Shades #6 by Bianca Victal @BiaVictal

A black and white photograph of a model lost in clothes.
Structured Shades #6 by Bianca Victal @BiaVictal


Thank you for joining us this week, and a huge thank you to all the artists who submitted pieces!

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