Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase (March 14, 2023)

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Tezos Tuesday Community SHOWCASE

25 Killer Pieces of NFT ART - Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Welcome to week 9 of the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase on NFTARTWITHLAUREN.COM!

Each week, I reach out to the amazing Tezos artist community on Twitter to bring you the latest NFT pieces to highlight the diverse and wonderful art that has been minted on my favorite blockchain

Thank you to each artist who participated in this week’s thread! 

Please read my quick disclaimer, and then we will get into this week’s art!


Before we get into it, please consider a few quick DISCLAIMERS.

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A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase - March 7, 2023

“Jellyfish” is wonderful use of animation minted as an NFT. I can imagine this piece playing on loop for hours in a gallery. 

24. "Formation of Fire" by Osaxxx (@osaxxx)

The animation of this piece adds to the sense of tension between protesters and police. It captures many of the contentious feelings of our time. 

This mushroom house is adorable. I want to shrink myself down and move in. 

22. "Frida" by Nastya Prairie (@NastyaPrairie)

Nastya’s painting of the famous artist, Frido Kahlo is a wonderful homage to one of the female powerhouses of the art world. 

21. "The Dancers" by ItsAI (@itsAI_NFT)

“The Dancers” is a whimsical example of the magical realism that can be created by AI-rendering software. 

20. "The Vogue Hippo" by CaptainEye (@_CaptainEye_)

“The Vogue Hippo” is an excellent piece of absurdist commentary on art and beauty standards. 

19. "Miss" by Mohi (@Mohimohi2121)

I love Mohi’s geometric style of building portraits out of familiar shapes. 

18. "The Luminary" by Lightyshut (@Lightyshut)

I love the romantic sunburst in Lightyshut’s portrait. 

The model radiates joy and light. 

17. "Birds" by Seckinyenici (@Seckinyenici)

The crisp focus on the seagull in the lower left corner is the most striking element of this photograph to me. 

The man feeding the birds is part of the scene, but this particular seagull is the star. 

16. "The Lioness Lady" by Night Cafe (@Nightcafe_Art)

Night Cafe has created a stunning example of AI-art. I love the way the woman’s eyes and hair mirror the lion’s. 

I am reminded of some epic fantasy novel where this woman is the warrior heroine of the story. 

15. "Fern Valley" by infosecmayer (@InfosecMayer)

“Fern Valley” is a fun example of the imaginative possibilities of AI-created art. 

14. "My Darling Companion" by Katherine Swampmaid (@swampmaid)

Katherine has created a fierce piece of digitally manipulated AI art.

The woman maintains a regal pose, as she pets her otherworldly tiger companion. 

13. "Truck Driver Diaries" by Fatih (@fatihmozdemir)

Fatih’s photograph is definitely attention grabbing. I love how the truck driver becomes part of the art work painted on the side of his truck. 

12. "Broken Heart" by Carolina Patricia (@carolinapw_)

“Broken Heart” is a gorgeous portrait created from a blend of flowing shapes and complimentary colors.  

11. "Lucid Dreaming" by 5000spacealiens.eth (@5000spacealien1)

“Lucid Dreaming” is a great example of digital collage. 5000spacealiens manages to blend the past and the present into one piece of art. 

10. "Shades of Cool" by Sandra Fantova (@SandraFantova)

“Shades of Cool” is a wonderful example of “less is more”. 

My eyes have time to really study the light as it falls on the vase, and the way the flowers cast a shadow on the wall in the background.

9. "Sun Star Surfer" by Paul Belli (@PAULBELLI9)

I love the halo of light around the surfer created by the sun. 

My eyes are then drawn across the ripples in the sand as I study the shadows that the surfer casts on the beach. 

8. "Seduced by Light" by Sally Sharifi (@Sallysharifi)

Sally’s portrait of a mother and her child speaks to me. The baby is the in the spotlight, and the mother is obscured. She has become nearly anonymous, as she cares for her new child. 

Feeling invisible is a common feature of new motherhood, and Sally has expertly captured this vibe. 

7. "Marine #2" by Mehmet ACIK (@mehmetacik45)

Mehmet’s digital illustration makes me smile.

I can almost smell the sea air on a warm summer’s evening. 

6. "She" by Janisour (@janisour33)

“She” by Janisour is a powerful piece of art. The model seems to be defiant in the face of mourning. 

5. "Spring is Coming Soon" by Margarita Akimova (@Margarita190971)

Margarita’s paintings are absolute delights. She manages to use paint and a canvas to create photorealistic landscapes that I just adore. 

4. "Suffered" by Dreamer_mind.nft (@4mir_NFT)

“Suffered” is a digital painting by Dreamer Mind that has been minted on the Tezos blockchain.

This piece is an epic masterpiece. The woman’s pose reminds me of Italian Renaissance paintings, and the despair expressed by the red scarf wrapped around her face and chest is palpable to me as a viewer. 

3. "Whispers" by Joanne - It's Little Things (@itsltlthings)

“Whispers” invites the viewer to take a walk down the tree-lined path. 

I would love to jump through my screen and feel the texture of the tree bark with my hands. 

2. "Celebrating Women's Day" by Tiba (@Tibalism)

Tiba’s black-and-white photograph encourages the view to study the texture of the wigs and clothing worn by the mannequins in the scene. 

1. "Concept" by Let Me See (@LetMeSee63)

I am a big fan of Let Me See’s paintings on Tezos. 

This particular piece is alive with color and motion. 


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