Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – February 27, 2024

A flyer for the February 27 Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – February 27, 2024

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – February 27, 2024

Welcome to the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase!

The Tezos community on X and Joyn.xyz shares their latest pieces of art minted on the Tezos blockchain. I chose my 25 favorites to feature so that you can discover new talent!

Please be sure to follow all featured artists on X, and to consider collecting on Tezos! You can view all the submitted pieces on Joyn.xyz

Happy Tuesday!

Top 25 Tezos Pieces of the Week

A photograph of fiery clouds over a mosque.
Fire in the Sky by Feyzullah Tunç
oil pastels on paper, enhanced and edited using an image editor May, 2023
The Scream, 130 Years Later by Alma aka Grotesq
An abstract digital image of human figure in water with windows.
Alternate Word by Emanuel Souza
A photograph of Autumn foliage in Iran.
Autumn Road by Banafsheh_Ph
A glitcht monochrome photograph of a child running.
"even as a memory fades..." by bL33k
A dramatic photograph of a person wearing a tinfoil dress, rust-colored wig, and metal mask.
What Fashion Is by Anna Kevrel
An intense portrait of an older man.
The old man and the sea by Aman Rasouli
A digital art piece showing a field of flowers and trees in spring.
Spring has Sprung by Cakes6G
Experimental blue landscape photography
Its all blue by Aillyy
An image of a small boat on water with its image relfected.
Sailing Serenity by MoeElbastawessy
A double exposure photograph of a leaf and flowers.
Shades of Ethereal by Elfearsfoxsox
Light painting photography of floating tea cups and purple light.
Neon Tea Party #1 by Penelopejo
Black and white photography collage art of a woman ascending.
A journey has begun by Seendollf
A painting of a moon and a woman's face.
Half Moon by Forouzan
Flower photography with fairies sketched over the top.
Enchanted Bloom by Fenix Janna
Monochrome collage of a man.
Man's Future by 5000 Space Aliens
A photograph of a hand on a mosaic.
Lend Me our Hand by Sally Sharifi
A collage made of photography, book pages, and ink sketching.
moment of creation by Glitchy Beauty // Seray
Portrait drawing of a woman's eyes.
Starry Sparkle by Negar


Thank you for joining us this week, and a huge thank you to all the artists who submitted pieces!

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