Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – January 23, 2024

A collage created by the 25 selections from the January 23, 2024 Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – January 23, 2024

Welcome to the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase!

The Tezos community on X and Joyn.xyz shares their latest pieces of art minted on the Tezos blockchain. I chose my 25 favorites to feature so that you can discover new talent!

Please be sure to follow all featured artists on X, and to consider collecting on Tezos! You can view all the submitted pieces on Joyn.xyz

Happy Tuesday!

Top 25 Tezos Pieces of the Week

A macro photograph of an oil painting by Joanne Enders.
Terrain by Joanne Enders
A minimalist watercolor painting of spring bushes blooming in the fog.
Blooming Dream by Morteza.Eshtiaghi
An image of a lone bear sitting on a bench, facing away at a gray abyss.
Detached by Pavel LeBlanc
An image of a faceless man sitting backwards on a pink bench, staring at a pink wall.
ㄖᐯ乇尺ㄒ卄丨几Ҝ丨几Ꮆ by Proseccoco

A Walk in History by Shasa (@Shaqayeq17551)

A black and white photograph of the Blue Mosque.
A Walk in History by Shasa
An AI collage of an abstract woman.
What If I Fall by Shany Gin
A portrait photograph of a woman's face wrapped in a metallic covering.
Lautloses-Echo by Cadiz
A dreamy AI art piece of blurred flowers and sky.
Blended Memories by Mariela Di Nardo
An AI-enhanced photograph of Aaron Vick holding a bouquet.
Aaron Holding Still Life by Aaron Vick
A photograph of a woman wearing a scarf over her head and face. The scarf depicts the face of another woman.
Girl with Glasses by Tatiana Mishchenko
A surreal AI image of a man driving.
Driving Under the Influence by Nevglov
A digital collage in the shape of a woman.
The dream of life in poems by Saeid Photo
An acrylic painting showing a ghostly figure in a dark forest.
In the continuation of the spirit standing by Mohi
A watercolor painting of a sad cat with an empty coffee carafe.
Ran Out of Coffee by Ambi


Thank you for joining us this week, and a huge thank you to all the artists who submitted pieces!

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