Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – October 24, 2023

A collage of the 25 pieces chosen for the October 24, 2023 Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase.

Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase – October 24, 2023

Welcome to the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase!

The Tezos community on X and Joyn.xyz shares their latest pieces of art minted on the Tezos blockchain. I chose my 25 favorites to feature so that you can discover new talent!

Please be sure to follow all featured artists on X, and to consider collecting on Tezos! You can view all the submitted pieces on Joyn.xyz

Happy Tuesday!

Top 25 Tezos Pieces of the Week

Menan’s collage art beautifully captures the love of a mother for her child. 

A digital collage of a mother and child with the text "Limitless"
"Limitless" by Menan @Thirumenan1

In grotesq’s beautiful piece, I sense the feeling of a mother who worries that her own individuality is fading away under the weight of her responsibilities. 

A charcoal drawing of a mother worrying about her children.
"Mother's Melancholy" by grotesq @grotes_q

“Girl Moon” really pops. The subdued colors paired with the surreal and striking energy grabs my attention and doesn’t let go. 

A digital collage of a woman's bust in the moon.
"Girl Moon" by Sara Kian @__sarart_

I just love Sonya’s adorable and expressive illustration style. 

A digital llustration showing a red headed girl, petting a ghosts.
"Spooky Spirit" by Sonya Art @sonyaillust

Lilith is the master of consistent AI art. Her collections manage to tell a cohesive story that is dark and compelling. 

A dark art AI piece of a nude woman facing a cliffside with wings.
"Ghost's Memoir" by Lilith @Lilithnartist

Negar’s drawings are amazing! She puts such incredible detail into her delicate depictions of the human form. 

A black and white drawing that depicts a woman with her back turned away from the camera.
"Unforgettable Impressions" by Negar @Artnegar

Johanna’s animated NFT thoughtfully conveys the feelings of invisibility woman often suffer with. 

I chose two of Negar’s pieces without even realizing it.

Her talents are diverse. I am deeply impressed. 

A charcoal drawing of a woman's face over stret lamps.
"Shadows of Liberation" by Negar @Artnegar

Shamus’ photo manipulation is so unique. It radiates electric energy. 

“The Conduit” is a photo manipulation by ShamusNFT. Created on Friday 13th (October 2023) as an Open Edition on the run up to Halloween. A photographic splicing of studio model, garden, and lightning stock. Layered by hand in Photoshop. 4000 x 3000 px. 150DPI.
"The Conduit" by Shamus @shamusNFT

“Shaded Harmony” is a beautifully intimate portrait of a woman in bed illuminated by the morning’s first light.

A black and white photo of a woman in bed illuminated by the early morning window light.
"Shaded Harmony" by Slavik @SlavikPh

“Winds and Moons” is a beautifully ephemeral piece. 

A digital art piece showing a woman reaching for the moon as the wind blows her hair and dress.
"Winds and Moons" by Aillyy @AylarMehrnasab

“Marilyn’s Pop Blast” is such a fun piece of pop art combining the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe with the nostalgia of classic comic book art. 

A pop art depiction of Marilyn Monroe.
"Marilyn's Pop Blast" by PariiSs @Pariiss07

Mohammad’s drawing is emotional and moving. 

A charcoal drawing of a sad woman's face.
"Woman #87" by Mohammad Rostami @MohammadRnft

“Poison Fish” is a poignant digital art piece expressing the pain of bullying. 

#200tezos this picture will show you how it feels when you get bullied - it's called "poisonous fish" drawing illustration painting woman bully
"Poison Fish" by Lisa Martin @lisamartinart

On Objkt.com, Hero explains:

 “A piece that draws inspiration from ‘Kintsugi’, the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with precious metals. It symbolizes the enduring cultural influences of Japan to the Philippines, showcasing the beauty that emerges from shared experiences of conflict and recovery, and the mending of cultural ties. 

The piece connects together elements of Japanese culture encapsulating the resilient Filipino heart. It celebrates the striking blend of artistry and lifestyle connection between these two nations, reminding us that beauty can emerge even in the mending of broken bonds.”

The “Blue Tiles” collection brilliantly combines portraiture with themes of arabesque architecture. 

Inspired by the arabesque architecture and geometric patterns of Islamic art from about the 9th century onwards.
"Blue Tiles" by Skyo @_skyo_

“Disco” is such an interesting AI art piece. I love the disco ball sunglasses on the woman’s face. 

An AI piece featuring a woman with disco balls for eyes.
"Disco" by Atiko @AtikoAE

This digital painting captures the moment of relief when you can finally rest at home after a whirlwind of activity. 

A digital painting showing a woman in a blue dress resting at a kitchen table.
"A Moment of Rest After a Busy Day" by Razi @RaziyeMhmd

“Blurred” is a long-exposure self-portrait by Lenni. I love the way it captures the feeling of confused overwhelm that we sometimes experience in this chaotic life. 

An artistically blurred photograph of a woman.
"Blurred" by Lenni @hello_mellow

Kitsu Sun’s beautiful piece of photography is accompanied with a poem:


Sad sunset

with red sky

The crows are screaming loudly, the gates of hell

are open, there is war, and the sky is on fire

by Kitsu Sun

A red tinted photograph of a woman.
"Sky On Fire" by Kitsu Sun @KitsuSun

Azora’s AI fauxtography beautifully recreates vintage vibes. 

A vintage AI fauxtograph of woman in a white dress.
"Invisible Lord" by Azora Yang @azorayang

“Apama” combines beautiful illustrated portraiture with mosaic art. 

A beautiful digital illustration featuring a woman's face with floral designs for hair.
"Apama" by Landan Ashaseh @ladan_ashaseh

Jasmine’s delightful illustration comes with a story.

In the Heart of the Magical Forest, a Great mission is underway. “Alisa” The spirit of the forest, with its amazing power, decides to create new Creatures in order to promote and spread Love, Light and Consciousness in the forest. She uses her Magic to transform Magic Mushrooms into beautiful and amazing Mushroom Girls. Mushroom Girls, with attractive and magical appearance, are symbols of Love, Light and Consciousness in this forest. With their special power, they bring the ability to communicate deeply with each other and with other creatures of the forest. Alisa looks at this beautiful creation with admire and knows that she has made the best decision. She gives everyone the knowledge that Love is the strongest energy that binds Hearts together.

A digital illustration of a fairy like mushroom spirit.
"Alisa" by Jasmine @YasamanMoshksar

Bitsy’s Tezos collections include beautiful photography and striking AI pieces. 

A collage of digital art
"Artemes" by bitsy @bitsy_sunset

Jolene’s digital collages always push the boundaries of my imagination. 

A digital collage featuring a woman with a wolfs head standing under the moon.
"Howling Forever" by Jolene Casko @jolenecasko


Thank you for joining us this week, and a huge thank you to all the artists who submitted pieces!

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