Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase (Jan. 24, 2023)

A poster for the Tezos Tuesday community showcase featuring a gritty black and white image of a band on stage.

Tezos Tuesday Community SHOWCASE

25 Amazing Pieces of Tezos NFT Art

curated by Lauren McDonagh-Pereira @LAMPphotography

Welcome back to the Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase! Each week, I ask the Tezos art community on Twitter to submit their latest piece of art that has been minted on the Tezos blockchain.

I pick my favorite 25 to feature (a daunting task), and I explain why I chose each piece. 

If you like a particular image, clicking on it will lead you back to the artist’s Tweet where you can usually find a link to collect it as an NFT.

Please share this article, and follow all of the included artists on Twitter. It is up to all of us to create the web3 space we want to see. 


Before we get into it, please consider a few quick DISCLAIMERS.

I am not a financial advisor, an art expert, a lawyer, or an accountant. Always do your own research before purchasing NFTs and never spend money that you cannot afford to spend. 

This post represents my personal opinions and is NOT financial advice.

I am an NFT artist. At the time of posting, I have works minted on the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. Links contained in this article may point to my own minted NFTs or may point to the NFTs of other artists that I have collected from. If you choose to collect NFTs referenced in this article, I may earn money from your purchase.

A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side

25. "Karri Sunrise" by Andrew Hooker @AndrewHookerPh1

“Karri Sunrise” is a fantastic example of intentional camera blur. The motion of this photograph recreates the magical feel of an abstract painting. 

24. "sürü" by Celalettin Aladağ @celalettinalada

This image is an explosion of activity and color while somehow maintaining a sense of peace. I could stare at it all day long without ever running out of new details to study. 

23. "Dreams #13" by JuxtaBlue @JuxtaBlue

I am in love with the complicated lines of this piece. It reminds me of honey, of DNA, of tree roots, and cracked earth. This piece makes me feel a connection between humans, nature, and the infinitesimally small world of the molecules that create it all. 

22. "Cuarto" by Dambass @soydambass

“Cuarto” is a delightful study in contrasts. A digital art piece that draws on ancient art traditions. Blues competing with oranges, and green competing with yellow make this piece jump off the screen and demand attention. 

21."Dandelion" by Gabriel Nebular @GabrielNebular

Gabriel’s use of a vintage film feel for this image reminds me that the happiness brought by enjoying the simple pleasures of nature is a gift that transcends all generations of humanity. 

20. "Holding On/Letting Go" by Zman Designs @zmandesigns

Zman’s use of glitch art layered over photography illustrates the feeling of wanting to hold on to a memory while knowing that you need to let go of the power that it has over you. 

19. "Corvus" by Gore.GIF @gore_gif

I love the animation, the darkness, and the foreboding presence of the crow in this wonderfully macabre gif. 

18. "Delusion" by Luna @Luna_night98

“Delusion” is absolutely stunning in its minimalist simplicity. 

17. "Ora" by Marta Gazzola @marta_gazzola

I am inspired by the mixture of styles, artforms, and languages that Marta used to create this unique piece. 

16. "Harmony" by Toflex.eth Sherry @ArtToflex

“Harmony” expresses so much feeling without much facial expression. I love the intricate details of the woman’s hair and dress while the details of her face have been intentionally erased. 

15. "At the Mercy of Time" by Frank Lahera O'Callaghan @o_lahera

“At the Mercy of Time” is a dramatic piece that stopped me in my tracks. How often, I have felt this sense of being trapped within the context of time. 

14. "Vanishing Hippopotamus" by Mad Mushroom @Myslitsky

“Vanishing Hippopotamus” is a wonderful acrylic painting. Mad Mushroom managed to create so much depth, detail, and expression while only using shades of gray. 

13. "Code: Eve - Nobility" by Anastasia Ehlers @EhlersAnastasia

Anastasia’s compellingly mysterious piece draws the viewer in. Each layer uses its own distinct art style to add a hint of intrigue to the story of the image. 

12. "Absolute Truth" by Ms Queen Earth @MsQueenEarth

“Absolute Truth” has me questioning reality. How do we know that our plane of existence is the only one? How do we know that are experiences are even real? 

11. "Into the Wild" by Erfan Sam @Erfan_Samanfar

“Into the Wild” is the kind of image that makes me want to throw my camera into a backpack and hop on a plane. The distant mountains, the reflection of the water, and the women’s moment of connection with the flamingos makes me yearn to experience this gorgeous place. 

10. "Elegance" by Siradipity @Siradipity

The musical quality of elegance creates a sense of possibilities. What can we create when we combine the powers of music and visual arts?

9. "He Was Also Alone" by Sally Sharifi @SallySharifi

Sally’s powerful photography collection explores the loneliness of power and the way our beliefs fundamentally change with life experiences. 

8. "The Art of Nature #3" by Saeed25 @SA25NFT

Saeed’s photograph of calcium carbonate water from a travertine spring looks like a stunning abstract painting. The movement of the colors through the piece create a sense of peaceful flow. 

7. "Magic People of Chefchaouen" by Mário Tomé @MarT_oO_graphic

This image is delightful. The scene is alive with activity. Every time, I contemplate this picture, I find some new detail to focus on.  

6. "Seven-Spot Ladybug" by Mehmet Karaca @mehmetkrc85

Mehmet’s macro photography is simply divine. Every time I see a new image, I am blown away by his ability to capture such sharp detail with the smallest of nature’s creatures. 

5. "Dancing" by Masha @masha_kozhdan

Masha captured a romantic sense of motion and a joy of living life in the blur of the moment with this wonderful image. 

4. "Irina" by Care-for-the-Rare @MagicallyViral

I love the magical realism in this piece. Irina is a woman, an elf, a peacock, and a rolling hill of wildflowers all at once. She encompasses the beauty of humanity, nature, and magic. 

3. Ticket to Rice" by RiceCount by Dikun @ricecountnft​

Dikun’s piece jumped out to me because it fired up my imagination. I was drawn into the scene, imagining myself enjoying a quick lunch before heading off on a grand adventure. 

2. "Save Me!" by Aida_Studios @aida_studios

Aida’s gorgeous black and white photography expresss the raw vulnerability of being human. We are all born, naked and helpless into the world, and while we gain resources, knowledge, and confidence, we never really lose that vulnerability. 

1. Parellel Me" by Evveart @Evveart

I am a huge fan of Evveart’s work. Her digital illustrations celebrate the depth of the female experience using only colors and linework. I am always thrilled when I am able to collect another one of her brilliant pieces.