Celebrating women artists in web3: International WOmen’s Day X Space Roundup 2024

An artist painting a canvas outdoors, surrounded by a field of wildflowers, expressionism style

Despite what the Binance marketing team would have you believe, women are already a big part of web3. We are artists, collectors, investors, and developpers.

On International Women’s Day, March 8, 2024, X had a flurry of excellent Spaces to highlight the many wonderful women artists creating amazing things every day on the blockchain.

To listen, click on the Tweets of recorded Spaces in the round-up below:

Celebrating Women Artists P2 #IWD with Bobbi Bicker

Women In Tech 2024 Showcase – International Women’s Day with VansCmKRO.NFT

GM Solana with SOLCItyRadio

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