Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase: Part 3 (Jan. 3, 2023)

A black and white photograph of a rock band on stage with a crowd below. Overlay text reads "Tezos Tuesday: Community Showcase"



25. Luciana Telles @ctellesluciana

Luciana presented her latest piece of poetry, titled Poetry Body #3.

24. Bárbara Bezina @BarbaraBezina

Bárbara shared, “María”, a photograph that combines portraiture and water. 

23. Anastardust @AnaStardust_art

Anastardust highlighted an experimental portrait called, “Reverence”. 

22. Ross A. Brown @rossintexas

Ross A Brown replied to this week’s Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase with some leftover holiday cheer. 

21. Salman Ikaram @artbysalman

Salman shared “Felicity”, a dreamy photograph minted as a Tezos NFT.

20. Boxio3 @Boxio3

Boxio3 shared an artful piece of double-exposure photography. It is called “Seninleyim” and it comes with a poem:

The memory of you fades,

but as the flowers touch my body,

My mind parades,

into the bliss of your melody

19. Paula Sanches @paulasanchesart

Paula Sanches shared a delightful digital illustration called, “Tezos Lovers”. 

18. The Dickys @DickysNFT

The Dickys shared a creative animated piece. 

17. brAInZest @brainzest_tez

brAInZest shared “Aalto”, an intriguing character created with AI-art tools. 

16. A Suliana @wsgywrehere

A Suliana participated in this week’s Tezos Tuesday community art share with a dark, smoky piece of NFT art. 

15. Renzjpeg @renzbalino

Renzjpeg shared an awesome example of street photography, titled “Midnight Grind”.

14. The Polaroid Guy @CryptoK37364015

The Polaroid Guy submitted a ghostly polaroid double exposure. 

13. Micky @lemonaid_art

Micky shared a 3D low poly landscape created in Blender titled “The Red Mountain”. 

12. Behzad @NFTBEHZAD

Behzad shared his latest AI alien renders. 

11. Juliet Haas @JulietHaas

Juliet Hass shared a beautiful photograph of the season’s first frost in a forest. 

10. Frank Lahera O'Callaghan @o_lahera

Frank Lahera O’Callaghan shared a piece of street photography exploring daily life around the world. 

9. Helge Korneliussen @KorneliussenH

Helge Korneliussen shared a stunning photograph of the Northern Lights titled “Reflecting Pool”. 

8. Ramzy @ocean_artz

Ramzy shared a vibrant piece of floral photography called, “Unfolded Flower”. 

7. NiteOwl @NaitoOru

NiteOwl submitted a colorful digital owl called “Hooters 31”. 

6. Care Verdeazul @Careverdeazul

Care shared an exceptional portrait in a natural environment. 

5. Bonsaifox @BonsaiFox1

Bonsaifoz shared gorgeous astro-photography minted as a Tezos NFT. It is titled, “Capella”  

4. Ookaswaka @ookaswaka

Ookaswaka is ready for the next bull run with this fun digital illustration called “Ready for the Bull”. 

3. Reyy @reyrairui

Reyy shared an adorable digital illustration that has me dreaming of vacation. This piece is titled, “Letters”. 

2. Sally @Sallysharifi

Sally participated in this week’s Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase with this emotive portrait. 

1. Seethe Cool @seethecool

Seethe Cool shared this piece that seems to glow from within.