Best Ring Light for Product Photography (2024) 

A Photography holding up a LED ring light.

Best Ring Light for Product Photography (2024) 

Introduction to Ring Lights in Product Photography

The Evolution of Lighting in Digital Photography

Photography has seen a fascinating evolution, especially with the introduction of digital technologies. The transition from analog mediums, which relied on chemically developed light-sensitive emulsions, to digital photography began in the late 1980s. This shift was marked by the introduction of consumer digital cameras and the release of Adobe Photoshop in 1990. This digital transformation allowed photographers to manipulate and adjust image files more easily than ever before, revolutionizing the nature of photography. The impact of digital photography became more pronounced in the 21st century, as it offered faster transmission and editing of images, a factor that led to its rapid adoption in fields like news and photojournalism.

Understanding the Role of Ring Lights

Ring lights, originally developed for medical purposes, found their way into the creative industries due to their unique lighting capabilities. These lights are particularly noted for their circular design, which provides comprehensive, even illumination. This makes them perfect for highlighting intricate details in subjects, which is crucial in various photography genres like macro, portrait, and product photography. The circular light of a ring light ensures that the subject is surrounded by light, helping to capture small details more clearly and eliminate harsh shadows. Additionally, ring lights are versatile in creating unique color effects, allowing photographers to experiment with different lighting moods without resorting to post-production adjustments. This adaptability makes them an excellent choice for digital photography, where the manipulation of light and shadow plays a critical role in the quality of the final image.

In product photography, ring lights are invaluable for their ability to provide a consistent and uniform light source. This is particularly beneficial when photographing items from different angles or when dealing with reflective surfaces. The even lighting helps to reveal the true colors and textures of products, making them more appealing in photos. Moreover, ring lights are useful for both studio setups and on-location shoots due to their portability and ease of use. With various options available in the market, ranging from LED to fluorescent lights, and features like adjustable brightness and color temperature, ring lights have become a staple tool for product photographers striving for the perfect lighting setup.

Best Ring Light for Product Photography (2024)

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Top Ring Lights for Professional Photographers (2024)

LED vs. Fluorescent Lights: Which is the Best Light Source?

Choosing the right light source is critical. LED and fluorescent lights are two popular options, each with its own advantages. LED ring lights are known for their energy efficiency, longevity, and cooler operation compared to fluorescent lights. They offer a broad range of color temperatures, allowing for adjustments from warm to cool light as needed. Fluorescent lights, on the other hand, are generally more affordable and can provide a very soft light, which is great for minimizing shadows. However, they are not as energy-efficient and have a shorter lifespan compared to LEDs.

For photographers, particularly those involved in product photography, the choice often comes down to the specific needs of their shoot. LED lights are versatile, providing a wide range of lighting options and often come with adjustable brightness and color temperature settings. This adaptability makes them a preferred choice for many professional photographers.

Ring Light Kit Essentials: From USB Ports to Lithium-ion Batteries

When it comes to ring light kits, there are several essential features to consider for professional photography. Modern ring lights often come equipped with various handy features such as USB ports, which allow for easy charging and power options. This is especially useful for photographers who are on the move and may need to power their lights from various sources.

Another key feature is the inclusion of lithium-ion batteries in some ring light models. These batteries offer the advantage of longer life and the ability to recharge, which is invaluable for lengthy photo shoots or locations where power sources are not readily available.

Additionally, many ring lights come with adjustable stands and phone or camera mounts, making them highly versatile for different types of shoots. Whether you’re doing a product shoot with a DSLR camera or a social media post with a smartphone, having a ring light with the right mounts and stands can make a significant difference.

The choice of a ring light also depends on the specific requirements of the photography genre. For product photography, larger ring lights that can provide even, shadow-free illumination are often the best option. They are ideal for capturing the fine details and true colors of products. On the other hand, smaller ring lights might be more suitable for macro or close-up photography, where portability and ease of maneuvering around the subject are important.

Top 3 Product Photography LED Ring Lights for 2024

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  1. Westcott 18″ LED Ring Light Kit: This powerful ring light features an 18-inch diameter, providing ample lighting for various photography needs. It comes with a strong aluminum tripod and a carrying case, making it portable and durable. The kit includes batteries that offer about 70 minutes of shooting on location and boasts excellent color temperature settings.

  2. IVISII 18-Inch Ring Light: Offering a range of color temperatures and a large size, this ring light is equipped with a wireless remote controller, making it convenient for various shooting conditions. It’s particularly useful for product photography, vlogging, and portraiture, featuring smooth dimming options and a handy carrying case for portability..

  3. Neewer 18-Inch SMD LED Ring Light: An excellent option for those starting in product photography, this ring light is reasonably priced and comes with several handy filters. It offers a good size for small and medium-sized products and includes a hot shoe adapter for easy camera mounting.

Product photography of a rustic handmade cup.
Product photography of a rustic handmade cup.

Essential Features of the Best Ring Lights

Importance of Adjustable Brightness and Color Temperature

Adjustable brightness and color temperature are crucial features in the best ring lights for photography. These features provide flexibility and control over the lighting conditions, which is essential for different photography genres and environments. For instance, the IVISII 18-Inch Ring Light offers a wide range of color temperatures (3000K-5800K), allowing photographers to work with warm white light or cool white light, and anything in between. This is particularly important in product photography, where capturing the true colors of the product is essential. The ring light’s smooth dimming feature, ranging from 100% to 1%, enables photographers to adjust the light intensity according to the shooting conditions, which is ideal for shoots with changing conditions or achieving specific looks​​.

Continuous Lights vs. Strobe Lights: What’s Right for You?

When choosing between continuous lights and strobe lights, photographers should consider their specific needs and the type of photography they are engaged in. Continuous lights, like those offered by ring lights, provide a constant source of illumination, making them ideal for video shooting and seeing the lighting effect in real-time. They are particularly useful for vloggers, live streamers, and product photographers. For example, the EOTO 19″ LED Ring Light is a powerful continuous light source with a large circumference, offering terrific lighting control and a range of color temperature settings between 3000 and 6000K.

Strobe lights, on the other hand, offer a burst of intense light, which is beneficial for freezing motion in photography. They are often used in studio settings for portrait and fashion photography. The choice between continuous and strobe lights ultimately depends on the photographer’s preference, the subject matter, and the desired effect​​​​.

In conclusion, the best ring lights offer adjustable brightness and color temperature settings, catering to various photography needs. The choice between continuous and strobe lights depends on the specific requirements of the photography genre. 

Etsy-style product photography for a hand-knit doll.
Etsy-style product photography for a hand-knit doll.

Choosing the Right Light for Different Photography Needs

Best Options for DSLR and Mirrorless Cameras

For professional photographers using DSLR or mirrorless cameras, selecting the right lighting is crucial for capturing high-quality images. Ring lights, especially those with a larger diameter like the 18-inch models, are an excellent choice. They provide a soft, even light that minimizes shadows and highlights details, making them perfect for portrait and macro photography. Features like adjustable color temperature and brightness levels are essential, as they allow photographers to match the lighting to the ambient conditions, ensuring the natural color of the subject is accurately captured.

A key feature to look for in ring lights for DSLR and mirrorless cameras is the inclusion of a cold shoe adapter or a sturdy tripod, which facilitates easy mounting of the camera. Additionally, models with USB ports and rechargeable batteries offer enhanced portability and convenience, allowing photographers to shoot on location without worrying about power sources. High-quality ring lights also come with different lighting modes and color filters, providing versatility for various shooting scenarios, from studio lights to natural lighting effects.

Why Circular Light Matters for Makeup Artists and Content Creators

For makeup artists and content creators, circular light from ring lights is particularly beneficial. The unique design of ring lights creates a beautiful, even light that reduces shadows and highlights facial features, making it the perfect tool for makeup tutorials and beauty vlogs. This type of lighting brings out the true colors of makeup, essential for accurate and professional-looking results.

Content creators, especially those involved in video conferencing, Zoom calls, or live streaming, find ring lights indispensable. A ring light provides a flattering, soft light that enhances facial features, making it ideal for video content. The circular design ensures that the light is evenly distributed, eliminating harsh shadows and providing a professional look. Features like adjustable brightness and color temperature allow content creators to set the mood and ambiance of their videos, enhancing the overall quality of the content.

For both makeup artists and content creators, portable ring lights with smartphone holders are a great option. They are easy to set up and adjust, making them perfect for on-the-go shoots. Some ring lights even come with Bluetooth shutters, enabling easy control of the lighting during a shoot. The right ring light can significantly improve the quality of the visuals, whether it’s for professional makeup tutorials or engaging social media content.

The choice of ring light should be based on the specific needs of the photographer or content creator. Features like adjustable brightness, color temperature, compatibility with DSLR or mirrorless cameras, portability, and additional features like smartphone holders and Bluetooth shutters play a vital role in enhancing the quality of the photographs or videos.

Etsy-style product photography of handmade earrings.
Etsy-style product photography of handmade earrings.

Innovations in Ring Light Technology

Advancements in Lighting Modes and Color Rendering Index

Recent advancements in ring light technology have significantly improved their versatility and functionality. Modern ring lights now offer a range of lighting modes and color temperatures, making them suitable for various photography and videography needs. The color rendering index (CRI) of these lights has also improved, ensuring that the colors illuminated by the light are as close to natural daylight as possible. High CRI values are especially important in professional settings where color accuracy is crucial.

The Rise of Smart Ring Lights with Bluetooth and Remote Control

The integration of smart technology into ring lights has been a game-changer for photographers and content creators. Many ring lights now come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity and remote control options. This allows users to easily adjust light settings such as brightness and color temperature from a distance, enhancing convenience during shoots. Smart ring lights are particularly useful for vloggers, streamers, and those involved in video conferencing, as they provide a way to quickly adjust lighting without interrupting the flow of work​​.

Etsy-style product photography of a rustic handmade mug.
Etsy-style product photography of a rustic handmade mug.

Practical Applications of Ring Lights in Product Photography

Creating the Perfect Glow: Lighting Setup for a White Background

Ring lights are ideal for product photography against a white background, as they provide even and soft illumination that minimizes harsh shadows. The circular design of ring lights ensures a consistent glow around the product, highlighting its features and contours. This setup is especially beneficial for creating high-quality images where the focus is solely on the product, making the details pop against the white backdrop.

  1. Set Up the White Background: Start by setting up a seamless white backdrop. Ensure it’s smooth and clean to avoid post-processing hassles.

  2. Position the Ring Light: Place your ring light in front of the product, ensuring it is centered. This positioning guarantees even lighting and reduces shadows.

  3. Adjust the Light Intensity: Use the adjustable brightness feature of the ring light to set the right amount of light. You want enough light to illuminate the product without causing glare or overexposure.

  4. Fine-Tune the Color Temperature: Adjust the color temperature to complement the product. A cooler temperature might work for products with blue or green tones, while a warmer light can enhance reds and yellows.

  5. Position the Product: Place your product in the center of the ring light to ensure it’s evenly lit from all angles. This positioning is crucial for highlighting the product’s features and contours.

  6. Camera Settings: Adjust your camera settings to suit the lighting. A lower ISO can prevent graininess, and an appropriate aperture will keep the product in focus while blurring the background.

  7. Test Shots: Take a few test shots to check the lighting and shadows. Look for any harsh shadows or highlights and adjust the ring light or camera settings accordingly.

  8. Post-Processing: Even with perfect lighting, some post-processing might be necessary to enhance the product image and ensure the white background is pure white.

The Impact of Light Stand and Tripod Quality on Product Image

The quality of the light stand and tripod used in conjunction with a ring light significantly impacts the stability and versatility of the lighting setup. A sturdy tripod ensures that the ring light remains in the desired position without risk of tipping or shaking, which is crucial for achieving sharp, clear images. Additionally, a high-quality light stand allows for easy adjustment of the light’s height and angle, providing flexibility to photograph products from various angles and perspectives.

Etsy-style product photography for a hand-knit doll.
Etsy-style product photography for a hand-knit doll.

Ring Lights for Video Production and Live Streaming

Making the Most of Your Ring Light for Video Calls and Zoom Meetings

To optimize ring lights for video calls and Zoom meetings, position the light directly in front of you to ensure your face is evenly lit. Adjust the brightness to avoid glare and ensure the light is soft on your eyes. If possible, use a ring light with adjustable color temperature to match the natural light in your room, creating a more professional and flattering appearance. The right setup can significantly improve the quality of your video calls, making them more engaging and professional.

The Best Ring Lights for YouTube Videos and Live Streaming

For YouTube videos and live streaming, choose a ring light with a larger diameter for broader light coverage. Opt for models with adjustable brightness and color temperature to adapt to various filming conditions. Ring lights that come with additional accessories like a sturdy tripod, remote control, and smartphone or camera mounts offer greater flexibility. These features are particularly important for content creators who need to adjust settings quickly and efficiently during live sessions or while recording videos.

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  1. Inkeltech Ring Light: Ideal for makeup artists, live streaming, and selfies, this ring light is controlled via an IR remote, which can be used up to 5 meters away. It features adjustable color temperature without the need for color filters and includes a rotating phone holder and retractable tripod for capturing various angles and brightness levels. The light is powered by long-term Sony batteries, making it versatile for both indoor and outdoor use​​.

  2. UBeesize Mini Led Camera Ring Light: This budget-friendly option is perfect for vloggers and TikTokers. It’s a compact 2-in-1 device functioning as both a ring light and a smartphone tripod. It offers three color-changing settings (warm, natural, and cold light) along with 11 brightness modes. This USB-powered ring light comes with a Bluetooth remote control for easy operation from a distance​​.

  3. Elgato Ring Light: A premium option, notable for its uniform ring of light that is less fatiguing on the eyes. It provides soft, shadow-free lighting with bright halo catchlights and features a solid desk-mounting stand. This ring light can be controlled via a companion app, allowing adjustments in brightness and color temperature. It’s suitable for extended use by streamers and YouTubers.

  4. Sensyne 10” Ring Light: This ring light is a solid choice for makeup tutorials due to its simple design and compact size. It features an adjustable tripod (extending from 15 to 50 inches), USB-powered operation, and a customizable phone clamp. It also comes with a Bluetooth remote control for ease of use.
Etsy-style product photography of handmade earrings.
Etsy-style product photography of handmade earrings.

Portability and Convenience in Ring Lighting

Compact and Portable Ring Light Solutions for On-the-Go Photographers

In the dynamic world of photography, the need for compact and portable lighting solutions is paramount, especially for on-the-go photographers. Modern technology has ushered in a variety of compact ring lights that are easy to carry and set up. These lights often come with features like USB charging, allowing photographers to power them via laptops or power banks, adding to their portability. For instance, products like the Yarrashop Desktop 10.5” Ring Light and the Sensyne 10” Ring Light are known for their small footprint and adjustable color temperature, making them suitable for various settings, from outdoor shoots to cramped studio spaces.

Small Tripod and Universal Phone Holder: Essentials for Mobile Devices

The advent of high-quality mobile device photography has led to an increased demand for accessories that enhance this experience. A small tripod and a universal phone holder are essential components of a mobile photographer’s toolkit. These accessories provide stability and flexibility, allowing for a wide range of shooting angles and scenarios. Tripods with adjustable heights and tiltable heads, along with phone holders that can accommodate different sizes of smartphones, are particularly useful. Features like Bluetooth remote controls for easy operation and 360-degree rotation in phone holders add to the convenience and functionality, making them indispensable for mobile photography and videography. The Evershop Upgrade Overhead Ring Light and LUXSHURE 10” Ring Light are examples of ring lights that come with versatile tripods and phone holders, catering to the needs of mobile device users.

These portable ring light solutions offer on-the-go photographers and mobile device users the flexibility and convenience needed to produce high-quality content in a variety of environments.

A content creator's desk with a ring light set-up.
A content creator's desk with a ring light set-up.


In the ever-evolving world of photography and content creation, the role of ring lights has become increasingly significant. These versatile lighting tools have revolutionized the way photographers and content creators capture images and videos. As we conclude this exploration of the best ring lights for various photography needs in 2024, it’s clear that ring lights are indispensable for achieving professional and captivating results.

Ring lights, originally designed for medical purposes, have found their way into creative industries due to their unique lighting capabilities. Their circular design provides even and soft illumination, making them perfect for highlighting intricate details in subjects. This adaptability has made them an excellent choice for product photography, where consistent lighting is crucial.

In this article, we delved into the importance of adjustable brightness and color temperature in ring lights. These features offer flexibility and control over lighting conditions, essential for different photography genres and environments. Whether you’re a product photographer striving for accurate color representation or a content creator setting the mood for a video, adjustable settings are key.

We also explored the choice between continuous lights, like ring lights, and strobe lights. Continuous lights are ideal for video shooting and real-time lighting adjustments, making them valuable for vloggers, live streamers, and product photographers.

Additionally, we discussed essential features in ring light kits, including USB ports and lithium-ion batteries, which enhance portability and convenience. The quality of the light stand and tripod was emphasized, as they play a crucial role in the stability and versatility of the lighting setup.

For DSLR and mirrorless camera users, selecting the right ring light is essential for capturing high-quality images. Larger ring lights with adjustable features are recommended for portrait and macro photography. Compatibility with cameras, portability, and additional features like smartphone holders are essential considerations.

Makeup artists and content creators benefit from circular light provided by ring lights, which enhances facial features and captures true makeup colors. The right ring light with adjustable settings, smartphone holders, and Bluetooth shutters can significantly improve the quality of their content.

We also explored innovations in ring light technology, including advancements in lighting modes and color rendering index (CRI). High CRI values ensure color accuracy, especially in professional settings. Smart ring lights with Bluetooth and remote control options have simplified lighting adjustments for photographers and content creators.

In the context of product photography, we provided a step-by-step guide to creating the perfect glow against a white background using a ring light. Proper setup, positioning, and camera settings are essential for achieving high-quality product images.

Finally, we highlighted the importance of compact and portable ring light solutions for on-the-go photographers. These lights, often with USB charging options, offer flexibility in various settings, from outdoor shoots to studio spaces. Small tripods and universal phone holders have become essential for mobile device photographers, adding convenience and versatility to their work.

We want to hear from you! Have you used a ring light for your photography or content creation? What are your favorite ring lights and why? Your insights and recommendations are valuable to our community. Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below. Let’s continue to explore the world of photography and lighting together.

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