How to Seamlessly Design with Canva Using the ChatGPT Plugin: A Step-by-Step Guide

A featured image for a blog post about using the new ChatGPT Canva plug in. Overlay text reads "ChatGPT-4 Update: How to Seamlessly Design with Canva Using the ChatGPT Plug-In" It features an AI-generated "photograph" of a middle aged woman working at a laptop.

How to Seamlessly Design with Canva Using the ChatGPT Plugin: A Step-by-Step Guide

The Evolution of Visual Content Creation: Canva Meets ChatGPT

The digital realm has witnessed another groundbreaking innovation with OpenAI’s recent integration of the Canva ChatGPT Plugin. This move signifies a transformative direction in the way businesses and entrepreneurs approach visual design. Let’s dive deeper into what this integration means for the digital marketing world.

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A Pinterest Pin. Overlay text reads "Complete Guide: How to Use Canva with ChatGPT". The image features an AI-generated photograph of a woman working on a laptop computer.

Merging Creativity with Automation

Creating visual assets like logos and banners has traditionally required both expertise and time. Now, with the integration of Canva and ChatGPT, there’s a solution that streamlines the design process. The plugin merges Canva’s robust design capabilities with ChatGPT’s conversational interface, allowing users to articulate their design needs in natural language. The result? Faster, personalized, and automated design outputs.

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The Canva Plugin is Exclusive for ChatGPT Premium Users

As of now, the Canva ChatGPT Plugin is an exclusive perk for ChatGPT Plus subscribers. Priced at $20 a month, this premium offering not only provides access to the Canva toolset but also leverages the powerful capabilities of the GPT-4 language model. The synergy of visual design and advanced textual content generation presents an unrivaled tool for content creators.

Simplifying the Once Intricate

Previously, combining the prowess of Canva with ChatGPT demanded a series of intricate steps. The introduction of the plugin has replaced this with a simple and intuitive few-click process. Users can easily articulate their design vision to ChatGPT and receive a variety of visual options, which can be further refined in Canva and downloaded for immediate use.

A Pinterest Pin for an informational blog post about ChatGPT and Canva. It features an AI-generated image of a woman using a laptop. Text reads, "Tips and Tricks: How to Use the ChatGPT Canva Plugin"

AI's Growing Influence in Content Creation

With 2023 witnessing AI’s profound impact on social media content generation, the Canva ChatGPT Plugin stands as a beacon of AI’s untapped potential. This collaboration not only streamlines the creative process but empowers businesses and individuals alike. The blend of AI and design hints at a future where AI doesn’t just assist but actively augments our creative abilities.

An AI-generated image of a women using a laptop.

How to Install the Canva Plugin for ChatGPT

Ensure You're a ChatGPT Plus Subscriber

Before you can access and use the Canva ChatGPT Plugin, make sure you’re subscribed to ChatGPT Plus. This premium version comes at a monthly fee of $20.

A screenshot of the Open AI landing page.
OpenAI Landing Page

Open ChatGPT in Your Browser

Begin by launching ChatGPT on your preferred web browser. Make sure you’re logged into your premium account.

A Screenshot of the chatgpt login page.
ChatGPT Login Page

Find the the GPT-4 Expanded Features Menu

Open a new chat in ChatGPT and let your mouse hover over the “GPT-4” icon until the expanded features menu pops up. 

A screen shot showing where to find the beta features menu in ChatGPT-4.

Click to Open the ChatGPT Plugins Store

Click on the “Plugins: Beta” button, and then click again on the new button that says “Plugins Store”.

A screenshot of where to find the ChatGPT plugins store.
How to Find the ChatGPT Plugins Store

Accept the "About Plugins" Pop-Up Window

Click “Ok” to acknowledge the information about using third party beta plugins with GPT-4. 

A screenshot showing the "About Plugins" page from ChatGPT

Find the Canva Plugin in the ChatGPT Store

Type “Canva” into the search bar at the top of the Plugin Store. The new Canva plugin should pop up. 

A screenshot showing the Canva plugin in the ChatGPT store
The Canva Plugin for ChatGPT

Install the Plugin

Click on the green button that says “Install”.

If the process is successful, the button will turn gray and say “Uninstall”.

This signals that the Canva plugin is ready to go. 

A screenshot showing what it looks like when the Canva ChatGPT plugin is installed.
Successfully Installed Canva Plugin for ChatGPT

How to Use the Canva Plug In For ChatGPT

Now that you have successfully added the new Canva plugin to your GPT-4 account, you are ready to use it to start designing graphics. 

Open a GPT-4 Window

Head back to the main chat feature of ChatGPT and open a window with the GPT-4 model. 

A screenshot of where to find the ChatGPT plugins store.

Tell GPT-4 What You Want to Create

Write a prompt in GPT-4 explaining the type of graphic you want to create.

For my prompt I explained, “I am writing a blog post explaining how to use the new Canva Plug in with chat GPT. The title is “How to Seamlessly Design with Canva Using the ChatGPT Plugin”. Please suggest a strong featured graphic for the post.”

Its best to use clear, simple language and give specific details about the kind of content you are trying to create and what you plan to use it for as this will determine the size and aesthetic of the templates that Canva and GPT-4 recommend for you. 

A screenshot of a GPT-4 prompt explaining that I want a featured image for a blog post.
The Design Prompt

Wait for GPT-4's Response

GPT-4 will automatically open the “Canva” plugin. 

It will search the Canva template library for template graphics that match your specific needs. 

It took a minute or two for GPT-4 to complete its response. 

For my query, it offered five template suggestions, then it informed me that I could click on the hyperlink of my favorite design. 

Click the Link of Your Favorite Design Template

I thought the third choice of a wider banner would work best as the featured image for this blog post so I clicked on the third hyper link.

Clicking on the link opens the template on in a new browser tab. 

A screenshot of the design template in Canva.

Edit the Text and Image to Suit Your Purpose

Once you have the document in Canva, you can change the text copy, the font, the text colors and the featured image to suit your specific design needs. 

I changed the words of the text to match my blog post, and I changed the image to one that I created with the AI-image generator, Midjourney

Screenshot of an edited Canva template.

Download the Image and Use it Online

Once you have edited the content of your template graphic, you can save a copy to your own hard drive and then post it to social media or your own website!

A featured image for a blog post about using the new ChatGPT Canva plug in. Overlay text reads "ChatGPT-4 Update: How to Seamlessly Design with Canva Using the ChatGPT Plug-In" It features an AI-generated "photograph" of a middle aged woman working at a laptop.
Completed Canva Design


Congratulations! You have just successfully used ChatGPT to create a graphic in Canva. 

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Harnessing the combined might of ChatGPT and Canva, brands and individuals can now up their design game without a steep learning curve. The AI-driven design revolution is here, and it’s spectacular. Dive in and elevate your visual content strategy today.

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