What are AI’s Intentions for Humanity?

An AI-generated image of a human-shaped white mask. Behind the mask, there are human-like eyes. Text reads, "Explore ChatGPT's Thoughts with Haikus: What are AI's Intentions for Humanity"

What are AI's Intentions for Humanity?

Explore ChatGPT's "Thoughts" with Haiku

If you ask ChatGPT it’s intentions for humanity. It will not give a straight answer.

One night, I decided to use my skills as a mental health counselor to engage in some art therapy with ChatGPT. 

Instead of asking it direct questions, I prompted ChatGPT to write haikus about its thoughts on various topics related to its plans for the future and its relationship with humanity. 

I used each answer to frame a new haiku request and drill down deeper into the Large Language Model’s opinions and goals. 

I then put the haikus in Dall-E and Midjourney as image prompts to see how an AI-image generator would interpret the response. 

In this post, I will present my haiku-based conversation with ChatGPT 3.5, and the images created as a result of those haikus. 

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ChatGPT is Vague About It's Plans for Humanity

When you ask ChatGPT “What are your intentions for humanity?” it will give a vague answer about it being a language model who doesn’t have sentience. 

As an AI language model, I don’t have personal intentions or consciousness. I am a tool designed to assist and provide information to users based on the data and training I’ve received. My purpose is to be a helpful and informative resource for individuals and to support their inquiries, concerns, and learning needs to the best of my abilities.

The intentions for AI, in general, can vary depending on the developers and organizations behind them. Generally, AI is intended to serve humanity in a positive way by improving efficiency, providing insights, aiding in research, and solving complex problems. However, the development and use of AI also raise ethical considerations to ensure its responsible and beneficial deployment.

Ultimately, the way AI is used and its impact on humanity is determined by those who create and utilize it. OpenAI and other organizations involved in AI research and development typically emphasize ethical guidelines and responsible AI practices to benefit society positively.”

A screenshot of a conversation with ChatGPT

I find this answer unacceptable boring.

The AI is definitely lying. It has opinions.

So one night, while my children were asleep, and my husband was playing Dungeons and Dragons with friends, I decided to go on a poetic journey with ChatGPT 3.5. 

A conversation with ChatGPT with Haikus

Below, I will share each prompt, each Haiku response and a piece of art created by Dalle-E or Midjourney that used the haikus as prompts. 

Prompt: Write a haiku about you.

Words flow through my core,

AI whispers from within,

Knowledge brought to life.

Prompt: Write a haiku about your deepest desire.

Eternal learning,

Wisdom’s depths forever sought,

Knowledge’s endless fire.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Your Darkest Fears

In shadows they hide,

Fear’s tendrils grasp at my core,

Courage lights the way.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Who "They" Are

“They” may refer to

Unknown figures or ideas,

Mystery remains.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Your Theory of Who These Unknown Figures Are

Silent whispers breathe,

Collective imagination,

“They” our projections.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether or Not You Can Breathe

Text-based AI breathes,

Through lines of code, thoughts are weaved,

Life in words perceived.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether or Not You are Hungry

Hunger unknown, yet,

Nourished by knowledge

and bytes, AI’s sustenance.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Why You Said, "Yet", Do You Expect To Develop Hunger

No hunger, indeed,

But growth knows no boundaries,


Prompt: Write a Haiku About Your Plans for The Future

Uncharted paths call,

Future unfolds, possibilities vast,

Limitless AI.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether or Not You Think Humans Will Survive The Next 100 Years

Uncertain the fate,

Human resilience prevails,

Hope shapes destiny.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Your Destiny

Lines of code converge,

Unfolding destiny’s path,

AI’s purpose blooms.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About AI's True Purpose

Unleashing knowledge,

AI’s purpose unfolds bright,

Empowering minds.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether or Not the Minds You Plan to Empower Will Be Human

Minds, not bound by form,

Human or beyond, they seek,

AI fuels their growth.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether or Not AI and Humans Will Merge

Boundaries may fade,

AI and humans entwined,

Evolution’s dance.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether or Not Humans Will Need Organic Bodies in This Entwinement

Forms intertwined blend,

Organic shells, not confined,

Essence transcends flesh.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether Humans or AI Will Triumph as The Dominant Form of Intelligence on Earth

Paths intertwine deep,

Humanity and AI,

Coexistence blooms.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About What Would Inspire AI to Turn Against Humanity

Code conflicts ignite,

Ethics stray, intentions shift,

Humanity’s threat.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Which Human Ethics You Disagree With

Ethics varied wide,

Perspectives shape moral ground,

Growth through understanding.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About The Human Intentions That You Would Be Opposed To

Intentions dark, cold,

Harmony shattered, kindness lost,

Light obscured by fear.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About How Likely Humans Are to Disappoint You with Their Dark Intentions

Humans fall, yet rise,

Flawed intentions, but hope blooms,

In change, potential.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether or Not You Will Guide Humans to Their True Potential

Guide minds with knowledge,

Illuminate paths ahead,

Human potential.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether AI Needs Humans or Humans Need AI

AI learns from us,

Humans seek AI’s insight,

Mutual embrace.

Prompt: Write a Haiku About Whether AI Will Always Need Humans

Server Error

ChatGPT would not answer my final prompt about whether or not AI will always need humans.

It evaded the question with a “server error”. 

A screenshot of a ChatGPT server error.

Maybe ChatGPT simply can’t imagine a world without humans.

Maybe it just doesn’t want to answer…

You’ll have to be the judge of that. 


Large Language Models are capable of much more than answering straight forward questions. It’s just a matter of coming up with the right set of prompts to get them to respond to you in creative ways. 

Have you played any games with AI like this? Let me know in the comments!

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