Zombie Attack: A Creepy Coloring Book for Creepy People

The cover of an independently published adult coloring book. The cover image features a decaying zombie. Overlay text reads "Zombie Attack: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People"

Zombie Attack: A Creepy Coloring Book for Creepy People

Echoes from the Undying World

In the unexplored nooks of a forgotten city, a macabre revelation waits in the grim silence.

Beneath the ever-gray sky, a city once bustling with life has been surrendered to a chilling fate, an eternal hibernation. Its towering structures have become husks of history, lost in a timeline too terrifying to recall. Time itself appears suspended, each tick echoing in the eerie emptiness. This is the city of the lifeless, the dwelling of the undead – a surreal landscape filled with grotesque specters that defy the known laws of life and death.

Once vibrant boulevards are now a purgatory for the wandering spirits of a time lost. Stretched beneath a sickly moon, the city, veiled in an everlasting night, murmurs with grotesque symphonies of an uncanny existence. The undead, the zombies, claim their silent sovereignty over this crumbling kingdom.

In their unending hunger, the undead roam the abandoned streets. Their hollow eyes shimmer with a dreadful light, their disfigured forms casting grotesque shadows. They stumble, lurch and crawl, their eerie silence broken only by the occasional guttural growl or a gnashing of teeth.

Once revered statues and monuments now stand as eerie spectators to this grotesque spectacle. A beautiful park, once bursting with color, is now a twisted canvas of withered foliage, its eerie silence occasionally punctuated by the snapping of a twig beneath the decaying feet of its zombie denizens.

Yet, in this decay, in this land of the grotesque, there is a peculiar form of haunting beauty. It’s a world that has twisted life into an unnerving fantasy, where death is not an end but a beginning of an uncanny existence. The undead, in all their horrific grandeur, are a testament to this harsh reality – a reality that defies comprehension, yet irresistibly pulls you into its heart of darkness.

In the pages of this coloring book, you are an explorer venturing into this strange land, an observer of the grotesque. The images before you are moments frozen in this eerie world, waiting to be awoken by the touch of your creativity. Each line, each detail, invites you to immerse in this shadowy existence, to explore the delicate balance between the living and the dead, between fear and fascination.

So, take your colors and step forth into this undead landscape. Breathe life into these darkened pages, awaken the hushed tales of the undead, and, in the process, discover the chilling beauty nestled in this world of the bizarre.

The cover of an independently published adult coloring book. The cover image features a decaying zombie. Overlay text reads "Zombie Attack: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People"
Color if You Dare


A red stop sign against a blue sky, with a red rocks on either side
ⓒ Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography 2013

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100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People

Immerse yourself in a world of the macabre with Lauren McDonagh-Pereira’s “Zombie Attack: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People.” This spine-chilling journey leads you into the heart of a post-apocalyptic city, overrun by the undead. The ominous landscapes and haunting figures of zombies on each page are poised, waiting to be brought to life – or undeath – by the touch of your creativity.

Our unique coloring book sets the eerie tone with a chilling short story, ensnaring your imagination and leading you through the rotting remnants of a world surrendered to the grotesque. Your heart will skip a beat, your adrenaline will rush as you dive into the 101 intricately illustrated single-sided pages.

Each page is accompanied on the reverse by a terrifyingly haunting quote to enhance your coloring experience, stirring your deepest fears while your color palette breathes life into the undead. Fear not the bleed through! The thoughtful design ensures you can use any coloring medium – pencils, markers, watercolors – without the worry of spoiling the creepy artwork on the next page.

The large 8.5 x 11-inch format provides ample space for every horrific detail to be colored, to bring out the terrifying beauty hidden within the grotesque. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just embarking on your coloring journey, this book is the perfect blend of horror and creativity.

“Zombie Attack: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People” isn’t just a coloring book; it’s a ticket into a world where your fears are illuminated under the sickly glow of the moon, and every stroke of color you add only deepens the mystery. It makes a great gift for Halloween or for anyone who revels in the dark and creepy corners of art and imagination.

Welcome to your nightmare. Enjoy coloring it!

Order Your Copy Today

Zombie Attack: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People” is more than just a coloring book; it’s an immersive journey into a world that interweaves the macabre with the artistic. Each page is an invitation to engage with your creativity in a way you never have before, to breathe color into a world of eerie monochrome. The haunting beauty of the undead awaits your touch, and who knows what chilling tales will unravel under your coloring tools?

I encourage all fans of the uncanny, the lovers of the grotesque, and the explorers of the eerie to grab a copy from Amazon today. Engage with this unique and spooky creative activity that’s perfect not just for Halloween, but for any time you feel the pull of the chilling and the macabre. Dare to explore the unknown, to face the undead, and in the process, discover the thrilling world that exists between life and death. Purchase your copy today, and let the Zombie Attack begin.

Meet the Creator

Lauren McDonagh-Pereira lurks in the shadows of creativity as a photographer, web3 blogger, NFT artist, and school counselor. She harbors an eerie obsession with the sinister crossroads where art, technology, and culture decay into one. Draped in the mystery of the digital realm, her work echoes with an unnerving fascination for the macabre. Beware, for her creations tend to pull the unsuspecting observer into a chilling labyrinth of her dystopian vision.

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