Zombie attack II: Venture Deeper into the shadows

The cover of an independently published adult coloring book. The cover image features a decaying zombie. Overlay text reads "Zombie Attack: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People"

Zombie attack II: Venture Deeper into the shadows

Echoes from the Undying World

In the forgotten outskirts of the desolate city, a chilling revelation stirs in the forsaken quiet.

Below a sky shrouded in eternal twilight, the forsaken metropolis that once teemed with life has succumbed to a horrifying destiny, an enduring stillness. Its sky-reaching monoliths are now shells of the past, lost in a narrative too chilling to recount. Time appears to have surrendered, each echo of its passage resounding in the cavernous void. This is the realm of the lifeless, the dominion of the undead – a distorted panorama teeming with grisly phantoms that challenge our understanding of existence and oblivion.

Once lively promenades are now a limbo for the aimless spirits of an era gone by. Underneath a haunting moon, the city, draped in perpetual twilight, hums with the dreadful harmonies of an otherworldly existence. The undead, the zombies, assert their quiet reign over this decaying empire.

In their ceaseless famine, the undead meander the forsaken pathways. Their vacant eyes flicker with a terrifying glow, their grotesque forms casting monstrous silhouettes. They stagger, lunge, and crawl, their eerie stillness fractured only by an intermittent feral grunt or the grinding of teeth.

Monuments and sculptures once honored now stand as ghostly witnesses to this morbid spectacle. A once vibrant garden, alive with color, is now a perverse palette of desiccated flora, its chilling quiet occasionally disrupted by the crunch of a twig beneath the rotting footfall of its zombie occupants.

However, in this decay, in this kingdom of the grotesque, there lies an odd form of spectral allure. It’s a world that has contorted existence into an unsettling dream, where demise is not a closure but an inception of a disturbing existence. The undead, in all their horrific majesty, stand as a testament to this cruel truth – a reality that defies understanding, yet inexorably draws you back into its core of shadows.

In the pages of this sequel, you are a traveler returning to this bizarre territory, a witness to the macabre. The illustrations before you are instances preserved in this chilling reality, longing for the pulse of your creativity to rouse them. Every stroke, every nuance, beckons you to delve deeper into this ghostly existence, to explore the precarious dance between life and death, between trepidation and curiosity.

So, pick up your colors and journey once again into this undead expanse. Ignite life into these shadowed pages, stir the muted narratives of the undead, and in the process, unearth the unnerving beauty concealed within this world of the strange. Why have you returned? Perhaps it is the very allure of this enigma that draws you back – the captivating horror of a world forever on the brink, forever caught in the spectral dance of the undead.

The cover of an independently published adult coloring book. The cover image features a decaying zombie. Overlay text reads "Zombie Attack: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People"
Why Have You Returned?


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ⓒ Lauren McDonagh-Pereira Photography 2013

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100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People

Dare to revisit the macabre and uncanny with “Zombie Attack II: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People.” This sequel compels you to return to the ghastly city of the undead, luring you back into the eerie silence and grotesque grandeur that you thought you had left behind.

In this chilling encore, you’ll encounter a hundred unique and intricately designed coloring pages, each one a frozen moment in this unending twilight world, waiting for your touch to awaken it. This realm of the undead thrums with a disturbing allure, its chilling symphony playing a siren’s call that you could not resist. Each page is an invitation back into the shadows, a step into the chilling dance of the grotesque that you once escaped.

But why return, you might ask? Is it the twisted allure of this spectral city, the grim grandeur of the undead, or the haunting harmony of their silent waltz that beckons you back? Each coloring page unravels a piece of this morbid mystery, inviting you to color the grotesque into a haunting beauty, to breathe life into a world where death is an unending saga.

As you navigate this labyrinth of decay, each stroke of your coloring tool is a ripple in the hushed existence of this undead realm. You become the anomaly, the spark of life in the heart of darkness. Yet, the question lingers: can you survive the encore?

For lovers of the creepy and the eerie, for the explorers of the uncanny, for those who dare to stare back into the eyes of the undead, “Zombie Attack II: 100 Creepy Coloring Pages for Creepy People” is a spine-chilling delight. Arm yourself with your coloring tools, step back into the chilling world of the undead, and dare to ask yourself – why did you return?

Title page for Zombie Attack II.
An about the author page for the adult coloring book, "Zombie Attack II'
A zombie coloring page.
A zombie coloring page.
A zombie coloring page.
A zombie coloring page.
A zombie coloring page.
A zombie coloring page.

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The haunting allure of the undead beckons once more. “Zombie Attack II” is more than just a collection of pages waiting for color; it’s an invitation into a world where every shadow has a story, and every corner, an unspeakable secret. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or someone looking for a unique escape, this coloring book promises hours of eerie immersion, letting your creativity flow amidst chilling landscapes and the ever-watchful eyes of the undead.

Don’t let this opportunity slip into the shadows. Awaken the spectral city with your choice of hues and bring life to a realm that refuses to rest. Dive deeper, brave artist, and take the chilling challenge. “Zombie Attack II” awaits you on Amazon. Will you heed its call? Purchase your copy now and embark on a journey you won’t soon forget.

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Lauren McDonagh-Pereira lurks in the shadows of creativity as a photographer, web3 blogger, NFT artist, and school counselor. She harbors an eerie obsession with the sinister crossroads where art, technology, and culture decay into one. Draped in the mystery of the digital realm, her work echoes with an unnerving fascination for the macabre. Beware, for her creations tend to pull the unsuspecting observer into a chilling labyrinth of her dystopian vision.

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