Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase (Jan. 3, 2023)

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Tezos Tuesday Community SHOWCASE

Part 1: 25 STRIKING PIECES OF NFT ART - Tuesday, January 3, 2023

Welcome to the inaugural Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase on NFTARTWITHLAUREN.COM!

Each week, I will be reaching out to the amazing Tezos artist community on Twitter to bring you the latest NFT pieces to highlight the diverse and wonderful art that has been minted on my favorite blockchain. 

Thank you to each artist who participated in this week’s thread! 

Please read my quick disclaimer, and then we will get into this week’s art!


Before we get into it, please consider a few quick DISCLAIMERS.

I am not a financial advisor, an art expert, a lawyer, or an accountant. Always do your own research before purchasing NFTs and never spend money that you cannot afford to spend. 

This post represents my personal opinions and is NOT financial advice.

I am an NFT artist. At the time of posting, I have works minted on the Tezos and Ethereum blockchains. Links contained in this article may point to my own minted NFTs or may point to the NFTs of other artists that I have collected from. If you choose to collect NFTs referenced in this article, I may earn money from your purchase.

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Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase - January 3, 2023

25. Demz One @DemzOneMusic

Demz One shared an AI-piece reminiscent of the art featured on Magic, the Gathering cards. 

24. Arabella Proffer-Vendetta @VendettaBella

Arbella shared an adorable digital art piece  featuring a princess cat in space. 

23. Indefatigable @indefatigableth

Indefatigable presented a 3D interactive Tezos NFT. 

22. Annemarije de Boar @amnorth42

Annemarije shared a dreamy photograph that she has minted as a Tezos NFT. 

21. Enfoque Barroco @BarrocoEnfoque

Enfoque Barroco presented an emotive digital art collage. 

20. JR Cart @JRCrypto10

JR Cart shared a link to his Tezos collection on Objkt.com. 

19. The Art of Haiku Collection @shane_gilreath

Shane shared a delightful haiku. 

18. Gigi @GiGi_tez

Gigi submitted a digital art portrait. 

17. Jay @JayendrasnhJ

Jay presented a 24-year-old painting that he has minted as a Tezos NFT. 

16. Zman Designs @zmandesigns

Zman Designs presented a strikingly colorful photograph that is minted on Tezos. 

15. Nina Rusakova @nina_asur

Nina shared her debut NFT on Objkt.com. It is an adorable watercolor painting of a Rabbit, the symbol of 2023. Of course, I had to collect one for myself as soon as I saw it. 

14. Azerty Betamax @AzertyBetamax

Azerty showed us what NFT art is all about. “Bloom” is a multimedia digital art piece that is fun to watch. 

13. Amara @FineArtAmara

Amara presented her beautiful abstract photography, “While Life Runs”. 

12. Alien Experience @AlienExperienc3

Alien Experience shared a unique digital art piece titled, Inside Out #08.

11. Joe @theduckwasblind

Joe shared his incredible detailed line drawing, that is available for 2 tez. 

10. David Manns @dpmanns

David posted this great shot from Castle Hill in New Zealand. 

9. María Verde @drawsbymv

María submitted a beautifully illustrated poem exploring the pressure that society puts on women. 

8. Celalettin @celalettinalada

Celalettin minted a delightful photo of a bicycle buried in deep snow. 

7. Olli Isokoski @Pollomoolokki

Olli Isokoski created an amazing mixed media piece by building a plywood frame and painting it with an array of colors and techniques. This piece found its way into my Temple wallet.

6. Raven @Raven_slb

Raven participated in this week’s Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase by sharing this deceptively complex photograph.

5. DefNoiz @DefNoizX

DezNoiz shared a new digital art collection called, “Kindess of the Winds”. 

4. Maarten Steunenberg @mSteunenberg

Maarteen shared a delightful piece of black-and-white NFT photography. 

3. TocoDeco @TocoDeco

TocoDeco shared a stunning new AI-piece for this week’s Tezos Tuesday Community Showcase.  It is titled “Outside Galaxies”. 

2. Lipsum @lipsumart

Lipsum shared a spectacularly animated NFT piece.   

1. Halil Ibrahim @hi_cetinkaya

Halil submitted a stark black-and-white NFT piece inspired the the Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. It is called “Isengard”. 

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